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Approved Academic

Our 21 main concentrations allow students to focus on a highly specialized area of games, in order to succeed in AAA environments. Because of this, we require all students in Fellowship to be enrolled in vetted programs that will allow them to develop the necessary hard skills for their concentration.

Students from any North American university may participate in Fellowship, and eligible majors are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

CUNY students must matriculate into CUNY BA for their chosen concentration.

CUNY students should meet with an EGD advisor as soon as possible (including incoming freshmen).


All interested students outside of CUNY should submit their major for review, however below are pre-evaluated programs that are eligible for certain concentrations:

​New School

  • Design & Technology

  • Illustration

  • Contemporary Music

  • Creative Writing


  • 3D Animation and Visual Effects

  • Design

  • Illustration


  • Game Arts

  • Digital Arts, BFA (Emphasis in 3-D Animation and Motion Arts)

  • Writing


  • Game Design (Tisch)

  • Computer Science w/ Game Engineering Minor (Tandon)

  • Screen Scoring (Steinhardt)

  • Integrated Design & Media (Tandon)

  • Entertainment, Media, and Technology (Stern)

  • Gallatin (in one of our concentrations)

  • Music Technology (Steinhardt) 

  • Media, Culture, and Communication (Steinhardt)

  • Games for Learning (Steinhardt)

  • Sport Management/Business (SPS)

  • XE: Experimental Humanities & Social Engagement (GA&S)


  •  Animation, Interactive Media & Game Design


  • Game Design

  • Entertainment Design


  • Game Design & Development

  • New Media Design

  • 3D Digital Design - Game Art Option

  • English - Creative Writing

  • Humanities, Computing, and Design

  • Illustration

  • New Media Interactive Development


  • Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences

  • Electronic Arts

CUNY Students are required to matriculate into CUNY BA by their second semester as a Fellowship candidate, but are suggested to do so as soon as possible.

Each concentration has different required cou​

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