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Fantasy Gaming


For the next generation of games industry professionals.


Exploration and Fellows consists of three main components:

- Academics
- Professional Development
- Project Incubator


The first component refers to the credit-bearing coursework students complete in their concentration, as well as academic advising and study-groups.​ CUNY students are able to effectively major in game development as a part of the program. National students will take advantage of the resources they have at their home college to pick a major or create a degree.

Professional development consists of weekly workshops, including resume writing, portfolio development, LinkedIn help, interview preparation, project management, current industry news discussion, and lectures from visiting game developers. It also involves monthly networking trips and industry functions, all of which are free to attend! 

Lastly, students work outside the classroom in groups to create games or work on esports productions. These projects help students develop a portfolio of work and learn to create as a team. Students are able to show their work at conventions alongside professional developers, and run live events open to the public!

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