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What are GSP and EMP?

The Game Studio Program and Esports Management Program are our game development and esports career programs open to all college students. It is an academic program, professional development program, and project incubator wrapped into one! Students are able to build their portfolio alongside a team, attend industry events, and get a feel for what it's really like to work in games!

Both programs are divided into 3 parts with different entry requirements.  

Exploration Program:

The starting point for figuring out their career in games, freshmen and first-year sophomores attend an additional weekly workshop focused on career exploration and professional development. Students explore different positions within the industry in preparation to choose a concentration for the Studio/Management program, or decide to study something outside of games but continue their involvement through the recreation program.

Studio/Management Fellows Program:
Choose from 16 main concentrations, and take your place in a studio or production to create games and esports experiences both in and out of the classroom! Travel to conventions, take part in special workshops, and get the support system you need to succeed. Students in this program have yearly requirements they must meet to maintain their standing, and must interview to be placed in this program. Depending on the time of entry, students spend 2-3 years in this program. Students that complete this program are considered Fellows. 

*CUNY students MUST matriculate into CUNY BA to be in the Fellows program.

Recreation Program:

For students that have decided they want to make games or be involved with esports as a hobby, are interested mainly in adjacent fields (such as within the tech or arts sectors), or for seniors that found the program too late, our recreation program allows students to continue to be involved with our career programs and continue their practice with less intense requirements. Students may repeat the program each year they are in school.

EGD runs a virtual National section and in-person NYC section of both programs. Groups of students in other cities who wish to start an in-person section may contact

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