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An infographic with the following text:CUNY Student Statistics. Of CUNY students, 61% are first generation college students, 29% graduate college in 4 years, 12% participate in a paid internship. New York is 1 out of only 3 states to report a year-over-year decrease in funding for public higher education in 2020. Games Industry. Game industry education programs are mostly found in private universities and for-profit boot camps. Expos and networking events have hefty fees that many students and independent developers cannot afford. 41% Experience crunch. A lack of workplace rights creates an environment where employees are overworked and lack job stability. Nearly half of the industry experiences discrimination and most have witnessed it. 80% of CUNY students are people of color.


The EGD Collective is an independent nonprofit organization, run by some very dedicated CUNY students and alumni.


Our CUNY sections of the Game Studio Program and Esports Management Program benefit from access to CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary studies. Through CUNY BA, students are able to effectively major in games areas as a part of the program.

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