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April 15th - 16th 2023


Exhibitions are the heart of any convention, and at Waffle Games we'll even let you have a table for free. Showcase any of your current or upcoming game-related projects as an exhibitor, whether it be fan art, content creation, analogue games, and of course video games!

There is absolutely no cost to participate for regular sized tables. Applications close on a rolling basis, so be quick!


In-Person Exhibiting

More info on our venue, CCNY: (You automatically get a page on Eventee!)


Virtual Exhibiting

Check out what you could expect your Eventee page to look like below:

NFT/Crypto and AI Art Policy

Our organization is committed to the safety and protection of our students. In our continued efforts to ensure our students are not subjected to scams or projects with malicious intent, any exhibitors with projects that contain NFT or Crypto elements will undergo a heavy vetting process. 


We are not accepting exhibitors featuring AI Art into our event. If you have any questions in regards to this stance, please refer to this video

If you have any further questions regarding our NFT/Crypto or AI Art policies, please feel free to to contact us at

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