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For the next generation of games industry professionals.

Eligibility & Certificate Requirements

Students at all levels are encouraged to apply, however, we strongly suggest applying within your first 3 semesters of undergraduate study to take full advantage of the program. Students with less than 4 semesters left may only participate in the Recreation program. 


Students must actively hold an EGD membership to participate each semester. Non-members may apply before committing to a membership.

If you are looking for a list of certificate holders, please click here.


All students must be available to be in a video call online from 9-10PM ET on Tuesday nights for EMP, or Wednesday nights for GSP. Exploration students must also be available from 1-3PM ET on Wednesdays virtually. Please do not schedule classes for these times. If you have a conflict, please speak to our staff.


All students must be available to attend in-person each week from 7-8PM every Friday. Exploration students must also be available from 1-3PM on Wednesdays virtually. If you have a religious obligation, please note that in your application for an exemption from Friday nights.

CUNY STUDENTS: Fellows will be able to effectively major in game development through the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies. Students starting in the Exploration program may enter the program under any major, but if they intend on applying into the Fellows program they should expect to officially transfer into CUNY BA by the end of the Exploration program. Students are subject to the CUNY BA admissions requirements but will receive assistance if they do not meet them upon entering the program. Once fully enrolled in CUNY BA, students must maintain a 2.5 GPA. Students who are interested in adjacent careers or wish to make games as a hobby are able to continue working towards their main degree at their home campus through the Recreation program.


Certificate Requirements


In order to successfully complete the program, Exploration, Recreation, and Fellows each have their own requirements you must fulfill. 

Exploration Certificate 
Formerly FYF. Awarded once at the end of the year.

  • 75% attendance rate (for Weds and your section day, calculated separately)

  • All Exploration Wednesday materials satisfactorily completed

  • All networking activities completed 

  • Positive team reviews


Studio/Management Certificate (Fellows)
Awarded at graduation. Distinction for all 4 years (Exploration + 3 years of Fellowship).

  • Exploration Certificate

  • 85% attendance rate (Individually calculated for each Fellowship year. There is a 1-time safety net if the aggregate comes to 85% across all years)

  • All networking activities completed 

  • Approved academic plan (IAP or CUNY BA)

  • Completion of at least 1 internship (Required after Spring 2022)

  • Positive team reviews

Recreation Certificate
Awarded at the end of the year. May be repeated each year.

  • Exploration Certificate OR <4 semesters left at time of admission

  • 50% attendance rate

  • Positive Team reviews

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