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I'm an incoming freshman! Do I have to wait until after my first semester?

You do not! If you are accepted into any CUNY community college or senior college, you may apply to the program. It's actually highly suggested that you do! You do not need to choose a concentration until your sophomore year, so apply early!

My GPA is under a 2.8. Can I still apply?

Yes! We will accept students into the program conditionally. Please note that acceptance into GSP does not guarentee acceptance into CUNY BA. We will work with you to and help you raise your GPA.

I am a part time student. Can I still apply?

Yes! Please list your expected graduation semester in your application so we can place you in the correct studio.

I'm over 90 credits and just found out about this! Can I still apply?

For those in their final semester of school, we suggest completing your current degree, applying to become a second degree student at a CUNY college, and then applying to GSP as a second degree student. Seniors in relevant adjacent degrees will only be admitted dependant on program needs. We will send out notifications in September if there are any spaces available for seniors.

What if I don't ever make it into CUNY BA?

This should not be the case if games are something you really want to pursue. Students with a low GPA are often in their first year of study, or were taking classes/majoring in something they did not have an affinity for/enjoy. We'll help you find your calling and raise your GPA if you've had a rough semester (or a few). You may need to take an extra semester or so to get back on track, but you can do it!

I'm a Macaulay Honors College student. Can I still apply?

Yes! CUNY BA awards joint degrees with MHC.


Why should I study games?

Games are *everywhere* these days. You can't be a kid and not play Minecraft, VR/AR are the newest things in the tech sector, esports are selling out stadiums, and everyone from hospitals to opera houses are using games to engage and interact. Games are the newest form of storytelling and art, but also at the forefront of research breakthroughs. They're changing how we live, work, and play. We're on the brink of a social revolution!

I have a religious obligation on Friday nights. Can I still be in the program?

Yes! GSP runs on Friday nights because most students end their courses ~5PM on Fridays. If you have religious obligations, please note that in your application and we will excuse you from participating on those days. Although Friday nights are a main component of the program, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to take advantage of!

How much time will I need to dedicate to the program?

You should expect ~6 hours a week. This includes Friday nights (and Wednesday afternoons for first-year students), trips, and group/solo work. Hours will vary from week to week, but you will know far in advance!

How viable is this career path anyways?

The industry is an infamously hard place to break in to (and stay in). Jobs openings for game developers in AAA are hard to find, but jobs in other gaming-related fields are growing (especially in VR/AR). Today's definitions of a video game and video game creator are completely different than they were - and there are so many more ways to work in games than AAA these days! There's the infamous indie side hustle, a boom in the demand in academia, and many non-game companies, nonprofits, and even the government are now hiring game designers! There are also adjacent fields in tech, media, and the arts that your degree will prepare you to pursue as well - you're just learning those skills through the lense of game development! And we won't leave you hanging. We assist with internship and job placements.

Can I be in both GSP and EMP?

Yes. You will need to pursue a dual concentration. Please see "Concentrations" FAQ for more info about pursing a dual concentration.

Why do we run through CUNY BA, and why should you be excited about it?

  • CUNY BA students are highly motivated; the average GPA of entering students is 3.35.
  • CUNY BA accepts most credits students have previously taken (up to 90, including military, IB and AP credits) and apply them to degree requirements. Students know their remaining degree requirements on their first day in CUNY BA! Enrolled students can apply for life experience credits.
  • You’ll be able to apply for financial aid and scholarships at your home college. You’ll also be able to apply for CUNY BA's scholarships!
  • Not only is CUNY the most affordable university in New York, with so many flexible options for earning credit through CUNY BA, it's the most cost-effective.
  • Students enrolled in a CUNY community college can apply to CUNY BA and start working on their B.A. or B.S. degrees immediately. Up to 68 community college credits can be accepted.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of your home college and CUNY BA!
  • Each student works with a full-time CUNY faculty member and a designated academic advisor. CUNY BA offers workshops on applying to graduate school, applying for major fellowships, studying abroad, and others based on student interest.
  • Students have access to CUNY courses in all five NYC boroughs, in addition to amazing internship opportunities.
  • Select the courses that interest you most. Take advantage of independent study, internships, honors courses, study abroad, graduate-level courses and credit-by-exam. Go to school part- or full-time; day, night, weekend or online.
  • Get the degree that will work for you: 80% of CUNY BA alumni report they are working in positions related to their self-designed areas of concentration! And 99% say they enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.

Is GSP officially affiliated with CUNY or CUNY BA?

No. The EGD Collective is an independant nonprofit organization, run by some very dedicated CUNY students and alumni! We work to remove barriers in games communities and makie the industry a more accessible academic and career opportunity for all. EGD supports casual gaming communities, as well as aspiring and early-career games professionals by powering public-facing student-led organizations on state college and university campuses. EGD chapters provide free events, educational programming, and support systems to help students navigate through academic, financial, and emotional crises - ensuring students can complete their education and are prepared to establish healthy workplace boundaries in whichever field they choose. The first EGD chapter was founded at CUNY Hunter College in 2016, and we've been here ever since!


I'm not sure what concentration I want to pursue yet!

You can safely be undecided until around 60 credits! Although we push students to pick a concentration after 30 so you can begin foundational courses, all concentrations share core game development classes - so you won't fall behind if you need another year to figure it out.

What if I want to focus on two things?

You can do a dual concentration! Want to focus on both code and music? No problem! The amazing thing about CUNY BA is that you can tailor your degree exactly the way you want it. Dual concentrations will require more planning, so if you want to pursue it, it's best you start your studies before 60 credits.

So are these majors? Or...

Concentrations are not technically majors, but are basically the same! You will be awarded a Bachelors of Arts or a Bachelors of Science, and degrees are accredited and conferred by the CUNY Graduate Center.


I missed the deadline. What now?

Your application will be processed for the next upcoming semester! We accept Fall students up until the last week of September, and Spring students up until the last week of January. You can request an appointment with an advisor before applying if your course registration date is coming up soon!

Do I need to have a faculty mentor before applying?

Nope! We'll work with you to find an advisor, and upon entry into CUNY BA, so will they!

How do I know if my application has been recieved?

We process applications in batches every month over the summer, and every other month during the semester. If you have not recieved an email after 60 days, shoot us an email!


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