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Huimin Zhuo has been working with the Collective for over two years. She was initially recruited in order to help run the League of Legends division, before eventually taking over for the division as a whole as a coordinator. During her first year as a coordinator, she guided the varsity team to playoffs, helping the team to earn a total of $7,000 in scholarships.

While she no longer runs the League of Legends division, she still spends her time acting as an adviser to the Executive Board of the Collective, providing advice and helping to mediate otherwise tense situations.

As of right now, she is the marketing head for the collective. She hopes to be selected as the COO and has plans of running for secretary when the Collective has fully incorporated.

In her off-time, Huimin enjoys writing. She has even published a chapbook detailing her experiences growing up as a Chinese-American.

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