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Institutional Membership

DE&I Focused. Increase Retention. Support Students.



Institutional membership allows every student, regardless of circumstance to hold a Student Voting Membership. 60% of students facing food insecurity, housing insecurity, or homelessness, and 1 in 3 students feeling "too depressed to function". COVID-19 has only exacerbated these issues further.


Our model takes all of this into account to create spaces where students are supported in every aspect of their life. To date, 36 students have been prevented from academic dismissal or dropping out through EGD programs. Learn more about our areas of concern by navigating to the pages under Our Work.  



Speak with an advisor on-demand, as many times as you need for project-specific guidance, conflict resolution, or DE&I consulting. We also offer regular leader trainings for any student organization leaders, faculty, and staff to help support your students and grow your organization.

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New programs often don't have large budgets, and some don't even have a dedicated space. Our donations manager can help you get access to new and used product and equipment donations, as well as assist you in sourcing specific items and facilitation with its delivery. 



Are you running an event? All institutional members are able to highlight their activities on EGD's social media pages, and be added to our weekly email blast. We also offer limited usage of the EGD brand.


$1,500 for 2022-23

Includes continued support during summer and winter sessions!

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