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3D Animation

Program Description

This concentration will focus on 2D and 3D animation. Students can expect classes in modeling, drawing, physics, and movement. They will be prepared for AAA, indie, or a career in other industries that use these tools such as film, theater, advertising, and tech.

Course Requirements


ENG 120 Expository Writing (English Composition 1)

ENG 220 Writing About Literature (English Composition 2)

RUSS 293 Folklore: A Comparative Study (World Cultures & Global Issues)

HIS 3209 History of Technology (US History)

COM 2404 Interpersonal Communication (Individual & Society)

CHEM 1012 Chemistry in the Arts and Archaeology (Scientific World)

ART 109 Observation and the Visual Experience (Creative Expression)

MATH 101 College Algebra [or higher] (Math)

Any Lab Science Course*

Any Additional Flexible Core


SCI 31106 Game Design 1

SCI 31921 Games and Their History: Game Systems Analysis

SCI 31920  Intro to Game Programming

SCI 31923 Game Programming 2

HIM 210 Introduction to Spreadsheets


ART 100   Basic Drawing

ART 102 Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design

ART 112 Introduction to Digital Imaging

ART 321 Computer Modeling and Design I

ART 322 Computer Modeling and Design II

ART 222 Introduction to Animation

ART 200 Drawing

ART 223  Drawing for Animation

ART 323 Advanced Drawing for Animation

ART 421 Computer Animation I

ART 422 Computer Animation II (A)

THTR 240 Stage Combat

PHYS 1002ID Intro to Physics of Natural Disasters

MECH 4800 Advanced 3D Animation

DESN 370 VT: Special Topics in Design

DD 107 Concepts in Animation

Elective Choices

Any course from other 3D concentrations, other studio art courses, design courses, and the following:

HUM 201 Explorations in the Arts 

PHILO 258 Aesthetics

FD 1100 Fashion Sketching for Fashion Designers 

THEA 390 Costume, Fashion, and Cultural Studies

Students in ANI should consider one of the following clusters:

  • Advocacy & Organizing

  • 2D Animation

  • Graphic Design

  • Motion Capture


  • Video Editing

  • Non-Major Production

Featured Course Descriptions

ART 421 - Computer Animation I

Introduction to computer animation including keyframes, hierarchical animation, morphing, textures, cameras, and lighting.

ART 223 - Drawing for Animation

Fundamentals of drawing in time-measured contexts and media, the mechanics of motion in sequential drawing and examination of works of master animators.

MECH 4800 - Advanced 3D Animation

Foundation for advanced animation construction, incorporation of and integration with external media, and techniques to automate and optimize development processes. Dynamic particles, flexible soft body creation, texturing, "hair" particles, fluuid simulation, rigging, lighting, and plant simulation.

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