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Systems & Level Design - CCNY Option

Program Description

The BA in Game Design at CCNY is still under construction, and is expected to become available to students studying at CCNY in Fall 2024.

Students wishing to study in the SYSLVL track have the option to matriculate into CCNY's Game Design major once it becomes available. Students are bound to CCNY's general education and college option requirements, but may epermit under select circumstances.

Course Requirements

Gaming Pathways is a new program at City College of New York which is creating a bachelor's degree in digital game design, preparing students for future careers in New York City's rapidly growing digital gaming industry. Gaming Pathways offers courses in game design, game programming, game visual design, and game production techniques to teach students critical skills in development and give them experience working in teams on real digital projects.


Gaming Pathways was founded by a city initiative from the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment as a new way for high school students in Harlem, Northern Manhattan, and the South Bronx to get training, degrees, and eventually jobs in digital games. Gaming Pathways is guided by an Educational Advisory Board, which includes many of NYC's leading AAA and indie games companies. 

The Director of Gaming Pathways is Nicholas Fortugno, an award-winning game design and interactive narrative researcher who has been teaching game design and interactive narrative design at the college level for over 20 years. 

For more information about the Gaming Pathways program at City College, contact Nicholas Fortugno at

Featured Course Descriptions

SCI 31109 - Game Design 1: Fundamentals

This course introduces the core concepts of game design. Students learn central features of games including mechanics, difficulty, meaningful choice, system design, and fun. Assignments in class are the creation of non-digital games through an iterative design process that teaches essential ideas of prototyping, experimentation, and testing. This class prepares students for all types of game development by establishing fundamentals of the game design process.

SCI 31120 - Identity and Representation in Games

This discussion-based class explores how games have dealt with questions of identity. By looking at specific games and writings about games that ask questions about the role of race, gender, sexuality, and class, the course critically examines how games have dealt (or not dealt) with these issues. A variety of speakers representing different parts of the industry present their own experiences and work on these topics. Assignments ask student to apply the ideas they've explore in class readings, play, and conversations to the games and games culture they consume.

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