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Technical Art

Program Description

A Technical Artist works closely with artists and programmers to help with the asset and pipeline optimizations. They implement technical art features, develop tools and workflows, and perform debugging on tools and processes. If you consider yourself skilled in both art and programming, this is a great path for you as they are in high demand!

Course Requirements


ENG 120 Expository Writing (English Composition 1)

ENG 220 Writing About Literature (English Composition 2)

COM 2404 Interpersonal Communication (Individual & Society)

RUSS 293 Folklore: A Comparative Study (World Cultures & Global Issues)

HIS 3209 History of Technology (US History)

CSCI 127 Intro to Computer Science (Scientific World)

ART 113 History of Graphic Design (Creative Expression)

MATH 121 Calc 1 (Math)

PHY 131 Conceptual Physics (Lab)

Any Additional Flexible Core


SCI 31106 Game Design 1

SCI 31921 Games and Their History: Game Systems Analysis

SCI 31920 Intro to Game Programming

SCI 31923 Game Programming 2

HIM 210 Intro to Spreadsheets


SCI 31925 Game Programming 3

ART 102 Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design

ART 112 Introduction to Digital Imaging

ART 321 Computer Modeling and Design I

ART 322 Computer Modeling and Design II

ART 222 Introduction to Animation

ART 421 Computer Animation I

ART 422 Computer Animation II

ART 221 Applied Imaging and Applications to the World Wide Web I

CISC. 1215 Intro to Programming in Python

CS 172 Computer Science I

CS 291 Computer Science II

CS 341 Algorithms and Data Structures

CS 357 Principles Of Programming Languages

CS 334 Computer Graphics

MATH 225 Discrete Mathematical Structures

ENT 1800 Entertainment Drafting I

MECH 4800 Advanced 3-Dimensional Animation

THTR 260 Lighting Design 


Any course electives from other art concentrations, but suggested:

PHOTO 230 3D Modeling, Printing, & Casting I

DESN 370 VT: Special Topics in Design

ART 323 Advanced Drawing for Animation

MEDP 365 3D Virtual Environments 

MEDP 29907 3D Graphics for Design, Film and AR

Featured Course Descriptions

CS 334 - Computer Graphics

Basic mathematical tools and computational techniques for modeling and displaying three-dimensional geometric objects; transformations in the plane and 3-space; representation of curves and surfaces; representation of solids; raster graphics; color; strategies for visible-surface determination; illumination and shading algorithms

MECH 4800 - Advanced 3D Animation

Foundation for advanced animation construction, incorporation of and integration with external media, and techniques to automate and optimize development processes. Dynamic particles, flexible soft body creation, texturing, "hair" particles, fluuid simulation, rigging, lighting, and plant simulation.

CS 291 - Computer Science II

Data structuring using structured variables, stacks, queues, linked lists, and trees; recursive procedures; applications to sorting and merging. 

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