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Summer Series: Lead Flies at EGD's CS:GO Event

Written by Jeff Hanrahan

Edited by Nicholas Uster


Last Friday, June 26th, EGD kept the Summer Series electric with a CS:GO 1v1 tournament, winner takes all. With tons of forceful weapons and quick reflexes, CS:GO offers a fast-paced high-stakes experience. The tournament, which was first to 15 wins, saw 6 participants battling it out for the grand prize of $25, with over two dozen audience members watching on Twitch.

The tournament started with a bang after “Sauce” got a confident 15-4 Round 1 victory, with both competitors moving about the map, taking cover amidst a fast exchange of fire. In the next match, “Tev” brutally dispatched their opponent 15-3, displaying an incredible head-shot accuracy. Round 3 saw “Snor” distancing from cover, dodging rapid incoming fire from “Sauce.” It was a much more nail-biting finish, with “Snor” and “Sauce” keeping it even throughout most of the round. Eventually though, “Sauce” pulled ahead and ended up taking it 15-13. “Snor” bounced back in rounds 4 and 5, winning them back-to-back while methodically firing to get a jump on his challengers. In round 6, “Tev” took advantage of the space in the map, moving and hiding behind the various cover available, often crossing to his challenger’s side for the kill. They finished the round beating “Sauce” 16-8.

With all these close matches happening, the chat began to get active as the audience weighed in with who they thought would win the tournament, and roared with support for the contestants. Round 7 then became the most pitched battle yet; “Sauce” and “Snor” had their third match against one another, and it was tightly contested once again, but like last time, “Sauce” came out triumphant, winning the round 15-13 and completing a 3-0 sweep of “Snor.” For their efforts, “Sauce” got to face “Tev” in the finals.

After a heroic first round ended in a tie, a second finals round was played. This time, however, “Tev” went on a run for the last 4 games, winning 10-6 and taking home the prize money.


EGD’s CS:GO tournament is part of a larger Summer Series. Future tournaments include Valorant, Super Smash Bros, Overwatch, and more! Join the EGD Hub on AVGL to sign up and play for some amazing prizes!

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