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Opportunities: Video Games Engineering Internship For Tesla

Written by Nicholas Uster




  • Build all-electric vehicles and clean energy generation products.

  • 10,000+ employees.

  • Headquarters in Palo Alto, California.


  • Excellence and Innovation

  • Sustainability

  • Safety

Employee Feedback:

  • Rated 3.6/5 on Glassdoor and 3.5/5 on Indeed

Employee testimonials on Glassdoor and Indeed are very consistent. It is clear that Tesla fosters a rewarding but challenging environment. Reviews both praise and criticize the highly dynamic work environment. One’s satisfaction with the company will depend on their tolerance for constant change. Workers are given many amazing opportunities to work on innovative projects, but in return, one will need to be greatly flexible and adapt to company changes quickly. The company culture is praised to be very casual and accepting which is a plus. Common complaints regarded the tight deadlines and high-pressure projects, which are frequent but rewarding.


  • Design, implement, and debug game platform interfaces and systems.

  • Rapidly prototype fun in-car customer experiences.

  • Collaborate with hardware engineers, application/UI software engineers, and designers.

  • Communicate with game development and publishing partners.

  • Help to bring video game experiences to Tesla’s cars.

Tesla is seeking young professionals with a passion for innovation, a drive to see a change in the world, and the enthusiasm to make a difference. The company wants someone who is responsible and ready to learn. Tesla believes in providing big opportunities for its interns, you will participate in projects that are important for your team and Tesla’s mission.


For more information about the position, including scheduling and submission requirements, click here!


To stay updated on more amazing opportunities, check out the #opportunitieschannel in EGD’s Discord!

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