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To Be @ EGD: Jackson Lyons

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Written By: Max Mitchelson

Edited By: Mary Joaquin & Andray Smith


To highlight the individual work of our dedicated volunteers, members, and staff, we give them a chance to speak about their time here at EGD and what it means to them.

This week we interviewed former-EGD marketing intern, Jackson Lyons.

Mary Joaquin: Could you introduce yourself and say what was your role in EGD, and what's your current role outside of it?

Jackson Lyons: My name is Jackson Lyons. At EGD, I was a marketing intern. And right now I'm finishing out my senior year at Ramapo College.

Mary: What was your first experience with EGD like?

Jackson: I had a really good experience as an intern. It was right around when all the lock-down orders and everything was first announced. So I was a remote intern, and it was really the best out of a bad situation.

I got tons of experience that I would have missed out on, had I not had the opportunity. I learned a lot about marketing, running a social media page, and email newsletters. I made a lot of really good connections that even after my time, as an intern, are still helping me. Same with the skills I learned.

Mary: How did you first hear about the EGD? What led you to them in the first place?

Jackson: Through my friend, Nick Uster. He found the internship posting on LinkedIn, and we both applied.

Mary: What are some memorable experiences you’ve had with EGD? What were those like?

Jackson: During the Summer Series, they had a few notable people in the games industry come in. And we did... I don't know if they were called interviews, or it was like a Q&A type format. And I got to interview David Gilbert. And that was kind of cool. I had never done something like that. But I got to work on my public speaking and interview skills in a cool format.

Mary: And what was your takeaway from your time at the EGD? By the way, did you intern, from summer to fall? Because I remember you being around during the fall because I was an intern [during the same time].

Jackson: Yeah, I was there from May to December.

Mary: So what was your takeaway from your time with EGD?

Jackson: A lot of what I took away was experience. I did a lot of things I wouldn't be able to put on my resume otherwise. In the time I spent time with EGD I developed a lot of real, tangible skills with marketing and with nonprofits.

Mary: And has your experience at EGD helped you in finding other opportunities?

Jackson: Absolutely. I got hands-on e-marketing experience. And that's something I talked about in interviews in cover letters, resumes and it’s a really indispensable part of my continued career path.

Mary: And what would your advice be for future marketing interns?

Jackson: My advice would be to make the most of it. You know, really put your time and effort into learning and sharpening your skills. Spend time in the community server. Everybody is really cool. And you can make some good connections.

Mary: And for you personally, what does it mean for you to have been at EGD?

Jackson: I guess, opportunities, experience, and friends.


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