We love to play all types of games. Play old favorites, or learn new ones taught by our Room Managers. In one corner you'll see people playing Risk, and in the other a group playing on their handhelds. Next door there's probably doge ball. It's all fun and games here.



The Esports and Game Design Collective is a professional organization in nature, connecting students from different departments and majors that have like-minded interests in games and the games industry. However, we are a space for everyone regardless of who you are or what kind of games you play.  

We are a very interdisciplinary gaming organization, and as such we run many different types of programs. Stop by for just one thing, or try everything! Our staff plan their own activities and events in the areas they represent, and it all generally happens at the same time in the same room. Can't make it to the events or meetings? Feel free to just hang out in our Discord server and participate in our online activities.



We make games. We teach people how to make games. We slowly convert you to majoring in game design...not really! Artists, web developers, animators, IT technicians, musicians, actors, and writers are all also here building their portfolios through games.


500+ games in our library

Over 500 games in our library for use, from the N64 to the PS4. Board games, card games, tabletop RPG's, puzzles, sudoku, even Tamagotchis.

Game Design Workshops

2D and 3D Art, animation, narrative and storytelling, music composition, sound design, programming, copyright and legal issues, level design, game mechanics, and more.



For the more competitive souls, we are also home to all of Hunter's Varsity and JV esports teams. League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Super Smash Bros. Melee, just to name a few.

Dungeons & Dragons

For both new and experienced players. Join a campaign, learn to DM, or use our space for your pre-existing group.

Online and Offline Tournaments

Take home some merch by defeating your opponents, or win RP from the comfort of your own home.

Social Events

Our Halloween Party and the Waffle Games are two events you don't want to miss! We also host smaller social events like viewing parties.


Our Twitch channel streams tryouts, coaching sessions, scrims, matches, interviews, and our staff memeing around.

Research Library

We have textbooks, papers, theses, and tutorials in both print and digital format! Whether you're self-teaching, or working on a research paper, you're sure to find valuable resources.

Game Studio Program

Varsity/JV Esports Teams

Serious about game development? Join a studio of 5-7, make games, and have a chance at local and international game jams, hackathons, and design competitions for scholarships! This fellowship program will be for credit at Hunter College starting in Spring 2020!

Networking Trips

We travel in packs to local conventions, expos, meetups, and other places worth your time. Microsoft Center, the International Game Developers Association, Babycastles, Museum of the Moving Image, and more.

Our Hunter College teams compete in cLoL, AVGL, CSL, the Melee Games, and Tespa Collegiate, as well as local tournaments. We also assist students who want to start teams for new games at Hunter, or provide guidance for individuals interested in starting teams for their own college or community.

The Casual Roster

Want people to play with? Not a high enough rank yet to make JV? We make it easier to find people in your skill range so you never have to enter solo-queue if you don't want to.

Club Mentorship Services

Are you trying to start a gaming-related organization on your campus? We offer mentorship and advising services for free to groups of students looking for resources at any stage of development. 

Career Help

We offer free advising services for individuals currently job hunting in the games industry and related fields. Our staff regularly post opportunities in our Discord server, and individuals can schedule appointments for free.

Study Groups

Taking MEDIA, MEDP, or CSCI courses at Hunter? We can help you. We have the textbooks and reference materials in our library, and our last event of the semester is dedicated to helping you pass your finals and finish your final projects. 

Academic Advising

If you're trying to study games, we can help. We notify everyone of course offerings each semester across departments and offer 1-on-1 advising sessions. We also offer advising to all students at Hunter College, not just those majoring in game related fields. For individuals outside of Hunter, we offer resume, grad school application, internship, and portfolio assistance.

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Our office is open 12PM-6PM Monday through Friday. Please note that the office closes early on Fridays at 5PM to prepare for our peak operating hours.


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