Jayson "Jayriku" Martinez
Brandon "divine commedia" Fontaine

Kendy "Kendyfun" Qu
Sergio "Sergster1" Shand

Kenny "MLWeegee" Niles

Subs: Talha "Talha" Abid
Ethan "KrispyWontonYT" Eng
Jeffery Chen

Doris Morales




EGD Hunter Hunters

Main Tank: Brandon “Regza” Fontaine
Off Tank: Oscar “Draft” Andrade
Hitscan DPS: Kenny “MLWeegee” Niles 
Projectile DPS: Ethan “KrispyWonton” Eng 
Main Support: Reishi “RBM Frogman” Mikami
Off Support: Jeffrey “Jephrezy” Giron


Subs: Sergio “Railgun” Shand 
Noah “SugarHoneyIceTea” Gaffney 
Rey Daniel "Deffconm" Salimbagat

Cristian "Derpy" Solis

Eve "Hoodie" Babayeva

Coordinator: Brandon“Regza” Fontaine

CS: Global Offensive

EGD Hunter Rivals

Connery "Blob" Keo 
Christian "Trademark" Rodriguez
Wilfredo "Sauc3" Recinos 
Martino "MartinoTev" Teves
Rich "snor" Seferi

Sub: Christopher "Fruitcakeache" Chow

Coordinator: Antonio "Skyron" Ladron de Guevara

League of Legends

EGD Hunter Limit Testers

Top: Ahmed "Prevail" Ismail
Mid: TBD
Jungle: TBD
ADC: Rad Daniel "Radiating" Sanchez
Support: Steven "SoulTiger125" Chen

Subs: JC "Fancy" De Castro
Justin "CrimsonAura" Chen

Coordinator: Kendy "Kendyfun" Qu


League of Legends

EGD Hunter JV B

Top: Stanley "Isostanley" Qiu
Mid: Abdel "damnsummonername" Gouda
Jungle: Michael "An unfinished pic" Li 
ADC: John "Celesria" Zhen
Support: Derek "League Oh Losers" Zhou

Subs: Vincent "Reemoo" Zhao

EGD Hunter JV C

Top: TBD
Mid: Brian "lZenithl" Guo
Jungle: Benjamin "NessStarStorm" Hatch
ADC: David "Kujo Jotaro" Ye
Support: Jeremy "Derping4Laughs" Murillo

League of Legends

EGD Hunter JV2 Alpha

Top: Kai Hei "Kailliou" Wong
Mid: David "Rodek" Grant
Jungle: David "FluffyDay" Guyot
ADC: Angel "88Ryzing" Santana
Support: Ashley "musik2love" Avalos

Subs: Talha "MY JG FK SKS" Abid
Ben "A Dandy Guy" Reuben

Ian "Lunagray" Downing Jr.
Jenny "Gummybearxz" Li

Kendy "Kendyfun" Qu

MTG: Arena


Kai Hei "Armacade" Wong
David "FluffyDay" Guyot
Kanak "Kanakle" Somani

Coordinator: Kai Hei "Armacade" Wong



Smash: Ultimate


Andrew "Shyguy" Giannico
Justin "back" Lee
Kenneth "Kamex" Ariza

Michael "Avoracity" Alvarez

Coordinator: Made "milkche" Widyanetta




All operations are online through Discord as a result of COVID-19

Our office is open 12PM-6PM Monday through Friday. Please note that the office closes early on Fridays at 4PM to prepare for our peak operating hours.


930 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10065

TH 307


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