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Therapeutic Games (Pre-Med or Pre-MSW)

Program Description

This concentration is for students who intend on going to medical school or becoming a licensed social worker. Students will take standard pre-med or social-work courses, while also taking course related to psychology, sociology, and anthropology of games and gamers. Students will also be exposed to professionals that work with esports athletes, such as Cleveland Clinic Esports Medicine Program or NYIT's Center for Esports Medicine.

Course Requirements


ENG 120 Expository Writing (English Composition 1)

ENGL 220 Writing About Literature (English Composition 2)

HIS 3209 History of Technology (US History)

MATH 150 Calc 1 (MQR)

SOC 101 Intro to Sociology (Individual & Society)

Any Creative Expression

Any World Culture


CHEM 102 General Chemistry 1

CHEM 104 General Chemistry 2

CHEM 106 General Chemistry Lab

CHEM 222 Organic Chemistry 1

CHEM 223 Organic Chemistry Lab 1

CHEM 224 Organic Chemistry 2

CHEM 225 Organic Chemistry Lab 2

CHEM 376 Biochemistry

CHEM 377 Biochemistry II

CHEM 378 Biochemistry Lab

BIOL 100 General Biology 1

BIOL 102 General Biology 2

BIOL 120 Anatomy & Physiology I

BIOL 122 Anatomy & Physiology II 

BIOL 203 Molecular Biology and Genetics

BIOL 300 Biological Chemistry

PHYS 110 General Physics I

PHYS 120 General Physics II

STAT 213 Introduction to Statistics

PSYCH 100 Introduction to Psychology EXTENDED CONCENTRATION REQUIREMENTS GD 102 Beyond Games

SCI 31106 Game Design 1

SCI 11100 Brains, Minds, and Machines 

PSY 3407 Psychology of Visual Perception

PSY 253  Cognitive Psychology: Thinking, Knowing and Remembering 

PSY 372 Neurochemistry of Learning and Motivation

PSYC 421 Sport Psychology

SOC 3251H Sociology of the Internet and New Media

Featured Course Descriptions

SCI 111 - Brains, Minds, Machines

This course addresses current knowledge about how human brains, human minds, and artificially intelligent machines think. Students will learn about groundbreaking work that will provide insight into people, the apps they rely on, and the robots in their future. Highly recommended for students considering any science major, and for students interested in problem solving.

PSYC 421 - Sports Psychology

This course explores the application of psychological principles to the sports arena. It brings together well-established findings from the areas of personality, motivation, social and physiological psychology and encompasses theory and methodology ranging from the experimental to the clinical areas. The course will include such issues as the complex relationship of anxiety to performance, the spectators' contradictory expectations of sports heroes and heroines (which may account for their frequent falling from grace), and the predictability and variability of certain individual types on the playing field. Applications of Sports Psychology to other areas of life will also be explored.

PSY 37200 - Neurochemistry of Learning and Motivation

Neurochemistry of Learning and Motivation is an upper-level seminar with a specialemphasis on the role of brain dopamine in learning and motivation. Students will read anddiscuss research articles on dopamine, learning, reward, and motivation.

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