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Student Leaders

Represent your club. Free resources. No rebranding.


Create Your Space

Being a student leader can be challenging. Get help starting or growing your student organization with EGD! Your club can send one executive board member to the Collective Council as a subsidized student voting member, while also enjoying special benefits for leaders. 

Club Membership is only available to student-led organizations. Athletic departments or faculty-led programs should contact us for information regarding Institutional Membership.

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Membership Benefits

Club Consulting

Speak with a former student leader on-demand, as many times as you need for project-specific guidance, conflict resolution, or transition assistance. 

Supply Drops & Sourcing

Get in-kind donations sent to your club! New and used textbooks, tech, games, furniture, and essential items are donated to our organization for use by clubs, and we can help you find specific items.

Leader Trainings

We offer regular workshops to help you support your students and grow your organization, open to all of your officers.

Institution Profile

Receive a page for your college where you can share your club's information and advertise to students looking to get involved, as well as potential incoming students

Email & Google Drive Storage

Receive an EGD email address with 30GB of drive storage to use however you want, as well as an optional address for your club.

Bulk Membership Discount

Interested in purchasing a large amount of individual memberships for your members? Save up to 10% when you order 30 or more.

...and your Club Representative receives all the

benefits of Student Voting Membership.

A True Voice

Receive voting privileges for the Collective Council Session, our annual governance meeting. Participate in a democratic process and discover firsthand how a nonprofit operates.

Research Assistance

Working on a games-related project or paper? Statistics for convincing admin to fund your club or program? Our Research Librarian can assist you.

Fellowship Programs

Enroll in GSP or EMP to level up your career prospects with guest lectures, subsidized event tickets, and portfolio-building projects.

Job Board & Library

Explore internships and entry-level positions on our board, and access a load

of resources - including textbooks, tutorials, games, and more. Search for scholarships and other opportunities!


Get help picking out classes, searching for internships, or formatting your resume with an academic or career advisor regardless of major or career path!

Community Directory

Fill out your online profile, share your work with others, and leave recommendations for your peers! Looking for students in your area or alumni working at a specific company? Search for them!


Earn awards as recognition for your accomplishments! Explore new career paths, work towards your goals, and wear our highest awards at graduation.

Special Interest Groups

Connect to students across North America through online events and communities based around the things you love.

Discounts & More!

Receive discounted and free merch, supplies, software, event tickets, and more from companies - as well as a discount on EGD merch in our shop. Our benefits list

is always growing!

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