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Graduation Caps


70% of students enroll directly into college after graduating high school, but nearly two million students who begin college each year will drop out before earning a diploma.

Just 11% of students from the lowest-income quartile earn bachelor’s degrees within six years, compared with 58% of students who come from the highest-income group, according to the Pell Institute.

In many cases, students cannot afford to support themselves through school without working, and part-time hours is often not enough to cover the cost of school and living. Students often find college to be too expensive, and have other expenses and priorities such as families to support. Even with student loans, going to college can cause financial stress, making students feel as though they are better off dropping out of college to save money.

Other than financial reasons, students drop out of college due to a wide variety of circumstances. 


Family issues, a lack of support, or unexpected medical problems that are beyond their control.


Finding that balancing school with their other life obligations to be too stressful, whether it be a job, parenting a child, or the adjustment between high school and college-level work.


Many students are unhappy with their path of choice (possibly choosing due to familial or financial pressures) and are bored with the coursework, finding their studies to be a waste of time

EGD's Support Service Coordinators help students with:

Filing FAFSA | Financial Aid | Job Loss & Emergency Job Hunting | Locating Pantries, Soup Kitchens, or Discounts | Locating Emergency Housing | Applying for Unemployment Insurance, SNAP, or Other Government Services | Applying for Loans and Paying Collection Agencies | Immigration Issues | Replacing Documents & State IDs | Title IX issues | Applying for Disability Accommodations | Non-Clinical Mental Health Peer Support | Assistance Looking for Affordable Mental Health Providers | Locating Affordable Healthcare & Childcare | Transferring to/from a Community College | Study Habits | Academic Probation | Gap Semesters | COVID-19 Relief | Filing Police Reports

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Over 500 students have utilized our support services in the past 4 years, and 36 students were directly prevented from academic dismissal or dropping out. 

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