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Career Programs

For the next generation of games industry professionals.


The starting point for figuring out your career in games! Freshmen and sophomores attend workshops focused on career exploration and professional development, and learn about different positions within the industry.



Sophomores, juniors, second-degree, and 1st year masters students are able to choose from 21 concentrations and take their place in an AAA-style studio or esports production. Travel to conventions, take part in special workshops, and get the support system you need to succeed. 



For students that have decided they want to make games or be involved with esports as a hobby, or are interested in adjacent fields (tech or arts sectors), this program allows students to continue their practice with less intense requirements.



For seniors, 2nd year masters students, and recent grads that found us a little too late, the transitional program is a year-long program that helps students fill in the gaps between what they studied in school and a career in games. 

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Kristy Lau '22

It really allowed me to continue my creative works... I'm pretty sure being a part of the Game Studio Program helped me get my internship at Kickstarter.


Emmanuel Contreras '22

So many people were able to play our game and give us really good advice. Not only did we take that constructive criticism to make the game better, we're using it to further our talents.


Eva Yan '22

It gives you the resources and the community to push yourself and to allow you to pursue something you may have only dreamed of. I never thought I'd be in a position to have to choose between internship offers, and I have to thank GSP in part for that!


Are you a CUNY Student?

Our Fellowship program allows you to major in game development or esports management through our concentrations!  

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