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Recognizing Spring & Summer 2020 Graduates

The care of the future of games is in your hands!

Featuring our Keynote Speakers:


Steve Arhancet

Co-CEO and Owner, Team Liquid

Renee Gittins

Executive Director, International Game Developers Association


A celebration of the next generation of players, developers, designers, and industry professionals.

COVID-19 has cancelled graduation ceremonies for many. Join EGD in partnership with the Intercollegiate Game Network to recognize graduating gamers, because the care of the future of games is ours!

Steve Arhancet

Co-CEO and Owner

Team Liquid

Renee Gittins

Executive Director

International Game Developers Association

Forbes 30 under 30


Adam Baugh - Community & Marketing Specialist, Andbox (NYXL/NYSL)

Rustin Cavel - Partnership Account Manager, Nodecraft

Zac "SFAT" Cordoni - Pro Player, CLG Smash

Eve Crevoshay - Executive Director, Take This

Mounira "Goosebreeder" Dobie - Pro Player, CLG CS:GO Red

Christian "Nokokopuffs" Feliciano - Pro Player, CLG Apex

Elaine Gómez - Game Designer, E-Line Media / Co-Founder, Latinx in Gaming

Trevor "Styxxay" Hayes - Pro Player, CLG League of Legends

Jakejames Lugo - Content Creator, Writer, Host

Ryan Marsh - Head of Moderation, Intercollegiate Game Network

Ricardo Miranda - Associate Professor, Hunter College Department of Film & Media

Zachary Snader - Collegiate Operations, PlayVS

Andy "Smoothie" Ta - Pro Player, CLG League of Legends

Kevin "PewPewU" Toy - Pro Player, CLG Smash

Kyra Wills-Umdenstock - CEO, EGD Collective

Valarie Wong - Community Manager, Tespa/Blizzard Entertainment
Simon Yip - Former Pro Pokemon VGC Player (Worlds 2011)
Hantao Yuan - Head of Overtime Gaming, Overtime


Algonquin College

Christopher Boettcher - OCAD Computer Engineering Technology


Arizona State University

Taylor House - BA Management


Baruch College

Cheungyiu Wo - BBA Management: Entrepreneurship


Bradley University

Ethan Buck - BS Marketing

California State Polytechnic University - Pomona

Louis Guan - BS Computer Science / Electrical Engineering


California State University - Fullerton

Tyler Guard - BA Business Analytics

Cornell University

Kevin Ying - BS Computer Science


City College of New York

Mario Martinez - BA English Literature

Bernabe Villegas - BA Advertising and Public Relations


CUNY Graduate Center

Daisy Reyes - MS Cognitive Neuroscience


Durham College

Alexander Estrela - OCD Recreation and Leisure Services


Grand Canyon University

Josiah Brown - BA English: Professional Writing


Hunter College

Arwa Abdelhamid - BA Biology / Classical Studies

Jessica Adjei - BA Robotics

Christopher Allen - BA Media Studies: Emerging Media

Eric Benjamin - BA Computer Science

Sami Beig - BA Computer Science

Joshua Brancale - BA Computer Science

Mert Cercioglu - BA Media Studies: General

Bipasha Chowdhury - BA Computer Science

Cody Conception - BA Adolescent English Education

Kendryll Corpus - BS Nursing

Sarah D'Alessandro - BA Media Studies: Emerging Media

Mary Fan - BA Computer Science

Medwin Fontin - BA Urban Studies

Cecilia Hanson - BA Studio Art

Andrew Huffman - BA English: Language and Literature

Bobur Hurramov - BA Computer Science

Zaiba Iqbal - BA Computer Science

Howard Jiang - BA Computer Science

Sen Lin - BA English: Creative Writing

Han Yu Lin - BA Economics / Chinese

Cory McKen - BA Mathmatics

Esteban Mundo - BA Computer Science / Media Studies: Emerging Media

Melanie Myers - BA Film Studies

Luis Ng Liang - BA Anthropology

Iftekar Rafi - BA Economics

Sarah Roman - BA Media Studies: Emerging Media

Teresa Sadowska - BA Media Studies: General

Matthew Salazar - BA Studio Art

Angel Santana - BA Psychology

Steven Santana - BA Computer Science

Jade Schoolcraft - BMus Music Performance

Rich Seferi - BA Computer Science

Brian Sullivan - BA Economics / Film Studies

Jake Tonitrus - BA Media Studies: General

Tanisha Williams - BA Film Studies

Kyra Wills-Umdenstock - BA Media Studies: Emerging Media  


Illinois State University

Isaiah Perez - BS Biological Sciences - General Biology

Liberty University

Jordan Lockett - BS Political Science


McMaster University

Annette Fong - Honours BA Social Psychology

New York City College of Technology

Aaron Hollingsworth - BTech Communication Design


Ontario College of Art and Design University

Sheetal Varade - BS Industrial Design


Rochester Institute of Technology

Brett Reilly - BS Digital Humanities & Social Sciences


San Diego State University

Carolyn Yee - BS: Business Administration: Marketing


San Francisco State University

Melissa Au - BS Liberal Studies: Teacher Prep


Shawnee State University

Thomas Gilman - BS Computer Engineering Tech / Digital Simulation & Game Engineering

Caroline Lakatos - BFA Game and Simulation Design and Development


Stevens Henager College

Danielle Urton - BS Computer Science


Towson University

Josh Fink - BS Business Administration: Leadership & Management

University of Arkansas

Stephen Ritterbush - Graduate Certificate: Project Management

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

University of California - Irvine

Michael Hernandez - BS Software Engineering

Diana Melgarejo - BS Computer Game Science


University of California - San Diego

Spencer Louie - BS Biochemistry and Cell Biology


University of California - Santa Barbara

Francisco Rodriguez - BA Economics / Global Studies


University of Connecticut

Sarah Anderson - BS Medical Laboratory Science / Pathobiolgy

Ryan Mash - BS Computer Science


University of Houston

Tiffany Tran - BS Digital Media


University of Mississippi

Cray Pennison - BA English: Creative Writing


University of North Florida

Andres Rodriguez - BS: International Affairs / Public Administration


University of North Georgia

Jason Quesenberry - AS Engineering


University of Oklahoma

David Kaucic - BS Chemical Engineering


University of Utah

Jareth Archer - BS Multi-Disciplinary Design


University of Waterloo

Danel Liu - BS Kinesiology


Wilfrid Laurier University

Shadi Hanna - BA General


York University

Ayan Abdu - BHS Health Studies







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