Equity for All

69% of games workers are white, and 71% are male.

Students from underserved populations often have a lower socioeconomic status that contributes to the difficulty of pursuing a degree.

The different sections of Our Work cover the intersectional ways that EGD furthers our value of diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education and games. Far too often, people attribute the disparity to a lack of interest amongst underrepresented populations - however the issues stem much deeper into our social, political, and economic climate.

The EGD Collective values inclusion and diversity as it makes us stronger and furthers games as an important medium in society. We work to advance diversity and pluralism in our Collective and in the communities in which we live.


of EGD staff and volunteers are BIPOC individuals


of EGD staff and volunteers identify as cis women, transgender, or non-binary.


of EGD staff and volunteers have a disability.


of the students we serve participated in their first games industry event through EGD. 


of our Game Studio Program fellows identify as cis women, transgender, or nonbinary.

In 2019-2020, we served over 2,500 students from 52 colleges at our flagship location within Hunter College and virtually. Over 300 students discovered their career path through our programs, more than 200 students took advantage of our crisis resources, and 36 were directly prevented from dropping out or getting academically dismissed.

We first worked within the City University of New York system, where 80% of students are BIPOC, 61% experience food/housing insecurity or homelessness, 24% graduate in 4 years, and 12% participate in a paid internship. After its success, we started to expand outward.

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