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Student Membership

Find your community. Earn your degree. Change the game.


It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.


Become a part of a growing community across NA for gamers and creators, and take advantage of a multitude of programs and resources.


Your membership will not only unlock these benefits, but it will also assist other students in achieving their career goals. When we work together, we all win!


Membership Benefits

A True Voice

Receive voting privileges for the Collective Council Session, our annual governance meeting. Participate in a democratic process and discover firsthand how a nonprofit operates.

Fellowship Programs

Enroll in GSP or EMP to level up your career prospects with guest lectures, subsidized event tickets, and portfolio-building projects.

Club Leader Mentorship

Run your college's gaming club or are trying to start one? Schedule time with former club leaders for advice!

Advising Sessions

Get help picking out classes, searching for internships, or formatting your resume with an academic or career advisor regardless of major or career path!


Earn awards as recognition for your accomplishments! Explore new career paths, work towards your goals, and wear our highest awards at graduation.

Community Directory

Fill out your online profile, share your work with others, and leave recommendations for your peers! Looking for students in your area or alumni working at a specific company? Search for them!

Job Board & Library

Explore internships and entry-level positions on our board, and access a load of resources - including textbooks, tutorials, games, and more. Search for scholarships and other opportunities!

Research Assistance

Working on a games-related project or paper? Statistics for convincing admin to fund your club or program? Our Research Librarian can assist you.

Discounts & More!

Receive discounted and free merch, supplies, software, event tickets, and more from companies - as well as a discount on EGD merch in our shop. Our benefits list

is always growing!


   ONLY $10 A YEAR   

I  was a lone wolf and never had been a part of a lasting community, but EGD has connected me with others. These connections, along with the community’s friendliness and openness to different opinions and backgrounds, have allowed me to have the experiences necessary to build into where I am. 

My internship is essentially my full-time job now, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it if not for the people at EGD.

Oshin Tudayan

El Camino College '21

Social Media Assistant - Pokemon Go, Niantic

Social Media Specialist, Turtle Beach

Photographer, Riot Games

Anybody who knows me knows I'm bad at League of Legends. I asked if there was something for people in bronze like me, and they were trying to pull a team together.

What I got out of [EGD] was not only the relationships and friends that I still talk to, but this methodology or thought process… a way of seeing games that's very valuable. EGD made me realize [becoming a game developer was] actually something that I could theoretically do. I would never have done that if it weren't for my time at EGD.

Joshua Brancale

Hunter College '19


IT Operations Coordinator, Practicing Law Institute
Co-Owner & Game Developer, K.O. Koala Entertainment

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