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Excitement for our AMA with VoxPop Games Co-Founder, Marc Anthony Rodriguez!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Written by Isabella Harford


The EGD Collective will host an AMA talk with VoxPop Games co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Marc Anthony Rodriguez on Friday, July 17, at 7 pm EST. The event is part of EGD’s Summer Series involving an assortment of esports tournaments alongside several talks with prominent figures in the games industry. 

Attendees will gain a perspective on the industry from an individual that has been involved in the creation, development, and marketing of several popular franchises, including Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil. Rodriguez’s experience and advice will be helpful for all those interested in the games world, but especially for those looking to further their career in the industry.

“Building functional teams of creative personalities and maintaining invaluable relationships by working with developers, digital distribution and e-commerce partners from around the globe,” Rodriguez said on Linkedin, “[is] something I take great pride in.”

According to Linkedin, Rodriguez graduated from SUNY Stony Brook, before receiving his Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.  

Earlier in his career, Rodriguez was a founding partner of GrummelWrks, a collective developing innovative new products, applications, video games, and interactive entertainment. Rodriguez has also been a production analyst for Disney Streaming Services, a game analyst at Rockstar Games, and a manager at Capcom USA. Inc. 

In 2018, Rodriguez co-founded VoxPop Games, a peer-to-peer independent game distribution and development platform, to assist independent game developers. The platform differs from its competitors, by offering users a small commission for seeding files, recommending games, or recruiting new users. In the future, VoxPop Games hopes to expand by offering both mainstream and indie games on their platform.  

“My life's work is guided by strategic competitive market analysis and intuition,” Rodriguez said on Linkedin. “[T]his formula has led me to deliver some of the best media experiences to millions of homes across the globe.”

To learn more about Rodriguez and VoxPop, connect with them on Twitter (@VoxPopGames), Discord, or Instagram (@VoxPopGames).

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