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The EGD Sweeps into November

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Good to see you again! November is a busy time here at the EGD and we're really excited to talk about it. Before we get to that we hope everyone is having a safe November. The weather is changing and with holidays on the horizon it's a struggle to keep a level head amid all the early Christmas tunes.

Thank you to everyone who came out for Touch Grass Day! After delays and postponements we're glad to finally be outside and do good for the environment. Park cleanup was a success and honestly we're proud of what we've accomplished. Hopefully we'll see all of you for the next park cleanup.

Here's a reminder, we have tons of events going on in our Discord! Events will vary from game nights to group watches, but they'll always be in the Discord. Take a moment and see what events we have queued up in server.The EGD Birthday is also coming up and if you wanna see what events we may have in store, our Discord is where you have to be. It's always a pleasure to hang out with this fantastic community, so if you aren't there already we hope to see you soon!

Moving forward there's a blip on the horizon and it's Waffle Games 6. No big details to announce yet, but keep that pinned to your mental cork-board. As always we're looking for volunteers, speakers, and exhibitors so if that applies to you, standby and keep an eye glued on our Twitter.

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