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Weekly Gaming Round-Up

Written by: Mary Joaquin


Welcome back to the Weekly Gaming Round-Up!

Let's shake things up a bit. This week we're not only seeing new worlds come to life in games, we're also trying out puns. We hope you come for the news and stay for the puns. The other way around works fine too.

Let's get right into it!


On Monday, Aug 16, PC players can rejoice! ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights released its update for Windows via Steam, keeping old- and new-gen players waiting for their turn.

The update adds New Game+, and new modes: Maligned Memories and Blightborn to name some. In Maligned Memories, players fend off bosses one after the other, putting their honed skills to the ultimate test.

In Blightborn, players can challenge themselves with customized parameters. Fight against evil with friendly bosses and journey anew with Lily.

ENDER LILIES also released Blighted Memories, an in-game movie player which gives players a more cinematic view into Lily’s story.

You’ve heard of Detroit: Become Human. Now, get ready for Pinocchio: Become Human with Lies of P’s homepage going live on Tuesday, Aug 17.

Players become Pinocchio on a quest to find Mr. Geppetto in a city overridden by chaos. Contradictory to its famous Disney story, Pinocchio must keep lying to become human.

Round8 Studio and NEOWIZ’s game draws players into its souls-like Belle Epoque world. Come for the stunning visuals, multi-faceted story, and unique systems and stay to bring the puppet mechanoid—and his dreams—to life.

On Wednesday, Aug 18, we asked—Sony has asked before about the State of Play, but what about the Playerstate? Here comes a new platform to bring the gaming community together with the power of creation.

Playerstate brings a new space for creators who can monetize what they share. From experienced industry participants to beginners, and from in-game bonus content to monetary prizes, it offers a variety of perks to more engaged fanbases.

“On Playerstate, creators can collaborate with each other or developers to create content for any game,” said Dean Anderson, co-founder and CEO. “The vision is that in time, individuals will come together on the platform, and learn the skills needed to earn a living or create and publish their own games.”

On Thursday, Aug 19, in a world bereft of order, executioners become judge and jury in Paradark Studio’s ExeKiller.

In its post-apocalyptic world, Exekillers are bounty hunters who collect S.O.U.L.S—a biochip which controls the body as it collects information from it. Players decide their targets’ fate, shaping the game’s narrative and its world.

Traverse 1998 New York ravaged by destruction. Tread lightly, and trust only your loaded gun. ExeKiller is available to be wishlisted on Steam.

On Friday, Aug 20, The Garden Path found its way to a 152%-funded Kickstarter!

Solo developer Louis “carrotcake” Durrant, garnered 1,097 backers for the title, only 24 days after its campaign’s release. With its success, it is well on its way to local multiplayer and a Switch release.

The Garden Path puts players into a tranquil world of gardening, where the peace felt is peace shared with other characters. Its hand-drawn art style also embodies its slice-of-life aspect with the vibe to match in its soundtrack.

The Garden Path is also available on Steam.


EGD’s Weekly Gaming Round-Up gives a quick look into the newest news in the games industry. From blockbuster triple-A games to indie startups and mods, the Weekly Gaming Round-Up covers it all.

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