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Community Management & Marketing

Program Description

Students will take courses in graphic design skills for content creation, as well as marketing, statistics, and writing. Students will be in a position to take positions both inside and outside the games industry in social media or community management, as well as public relations, influencer management, paid media, and branding.

Course Requirements

This concentration is under review. Please inquire within for updated guidelines.

Featured Course Descriptions

CM 312 Social Media

Examines the theoretical background and the history of social media. Outlines the use of social media in marketing. Describes and discusses the major social media platforms. Uses case studies to analyze and critique brand management, the importance of influencers and advocates, and online communities and cultures. Requires a term-long project tracking social media presence.

ANTH 3190 Anthropology of Media

Anthropological approaches to production, reception, circulation, and distribution of various forms of media around the world; topics include public spheres, national communities, cultural imperialism, transnational circuits of production and consumption, virtual worlds, and mediated social movements. Includes lectures and independent ethnographic research on media production and consumption.

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