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New Media Law (Pre-Law)

Program Description

This concentration is for students who intend on pursing law school. Students will take standard pre-law courses, accompanied by ones that focus on legal issues that affect the games industry, such as player contracts, advertising, copyright and IP, work-for-hire, internet law, incorporation, privacy compliance, and more. Students will receive assistance applying to law school.

Course Requirements

This concentration is under review. Please inquire within for updated guidelines.

Featured Course Descriptions

BUS 110.5 Business Law for Digital Media

This course surveys the American legal system and the basic law of contracts as it relates to business in the 21st century. Reference is made to typical business transactions both traditional and electronic, and by a study of pertinent cases, how the various principles of contract law apply to them. Additionally, this course examines at how courts, legislatures, and regulators confront the major legal issues that the Internet poses. Major topics include: how legally-enforceable contracts are made online; how courts determine jurisdiction over online transactions; intellectual property rules as they relate to digital assets such as music, video, and online texts; control over Internet domain names; liability of intermediaries such as Internet Service Providers and search engines; and online privacy protections.

LAW 3106 Law & Entrepreneurship

This course will examine the major legal issues faced by entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. The course covers issues such as the entrepreneur's choice of business form, and the legal regulation of capital formation, venture capital financing and initial public offerings. In addition, students will become familiar with a wide range of legal issues connected to the day-to-day operation of an entrepreneurial venture including: labor and employment law issues; intellectual property challenges; insurance matters; legal limits on marketing and competition; global trade issues and the regulation of e-commerce. Finally, we will address fundamental changes to the business, including mergers, acquisitions and the sale of the business.

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