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Program Description

This concentration focuses on the production cycle of games. In addition to the core courses in game design, students learn project management, technical writing, and budgeting. In addition, they take at least one basic course to provide literacy in programming, art, sound, and narrative to better communicate with the teams that they will serve and gain an understanding of the production timeline. Students will also be in a position to pursue a career in tech or nonprofit sector as a project manager or program manager, and will have enough semester hours to qualify to sit for the CAPM® exam.

Course Requirements


ENG 120 Expository Writing (English Composition 1)

ENG 220 Writing About Literature (English Composition 2)

COM 2404 Interpersonal Communication (Individual & Society)

COM 3401 Business & Professional Communications (Individual & Society)

RUSS 293 Folklore: A Comparative Study (World Cultures & Global Issues)

HIS 3209 History of Technology (US History)

CSCI 127 Intro to Computer Science (Scientific World)

CSCI 121 Computers & Money (Math)

Any Lab Science Course

A Creative Expression course chosen from below:

ISP 236 Truth and Creativity

HUM 201 Explorations in the Arts

ISP 134 Alternate Worlds 

ENGL 25038 Comics and Graphic Novels


SCI 31106 Game Design 1

SCI 31921 Games and Their History: Game Systems Analysis

SCI 31920  Intro to Game Programming

SCI 31923 Game Programming 2

HIM 210 Introduction to Spreadsheets


SCI 31924 Level Design

MTEC 1003 Media Computation Skills Lab

PROM 210 Project Management

PROM 600 Fundamentals of Project Management 

PROM 601 Project Communication and Leadership 

PROM 602 Managing the Triple Constraint: Scope, Time, and Cost 

ENG 2575 Technical Writing 

ENGL 3775 Advanced Technical Writing

ENGL 3780 Planning and Testing User Documents

LAW 110 Business Law BUS 225 Survey of Accounting

BBA 204 Principles of Management

BBA 327 Organizational Behavior and Development

BUS 287 Digital Technologies in Organizations

BUS 461 Information Systems Project Management

HRL 270 Human Relations Issues in Management

COM 3080 Virtual Teamwork

MECH 4860 Project Management

Elective Choices

Depending on how many random classes you take in your first semester.

BBA 338 Foundations of Business Leadership

ECO 31150 Developing Management Skills

ECO 31206 Leadership

BUSN 3440 Management of New and Emerging Technologies

BUSN 3251 Workplace Values and Happiness 

BUSN 3252 Stress Management in Workplace Settings

BUSN 3220 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

CST 3559 Technical Documentation 

ENG 3790 Information Architecture

CM 324 Data Analytics and Visualization

ENT 4430 Project Management

THE 140 Stage Management

Featured Course Descriptions

PROM 210 - Project Management

Students learn to plan, organize, lead, and evaluate projects "large and small" to ensure that requirements are delivered on time and within budget. Topics include the essentials of initiating a project, defining requirements, scheduling tasks, managing scope, working in cross-functional teams, communicating effectively, resolving conflict, and closing a project. While budget development is beyond the scope of this course, students will be expected to understand simple project budgets. In addition to traditional task lists and timelines, students must generate project charters, change notices, progress reports, and project closing documents.

BUS 461 - Information Systems Project Management

The aim of this course is to provide you with an understanding of the principles, processes, and practices associated with the management of software-intensive projects. The course is ideal for anyone who needs to gain a working knowledge of the application domain, project management, and software engineering.

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