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Technical Event Production

Program Description

This concentration is for students who are interested in broadcasting, video production, lighting, or sound. Twitch enthusiasts, this is for you! Students will learn live and post-production skills for esports events, and will be able to try their hand at every position before focusing on a sub-concentration. Students will also be prepared for careers in news, film, entertainment, theater, amusement parks, and more.

Course Requirements

This concentration is under review. Please inquire within for updated guidelines.

Featured Course Descriptions

THEA 3340 Fundamentals of Stage Lighting

The mechanics of stage lighting; electricity, instruments, control equipment, safety, professional standards of electrical work.

ART 441 Broadcast Design

Creation of sophisticated title sequences, TV show packaging and on-air promotions to be used as part of video and film production.

ENT 2102 Event Safety

Learn to plan, organize and execute safe and effective live productions with a focus on safety, training and supervision of performance venues and staff, including the NFPA codes and OSHA regulations as they relate to live performance planning and execution. The class visits local venues and learns first-hand how facilities adapt to produce live events in a safe environment. Includes required case studies of local venues focusing on safety and the relationship between the venue, the artists and the audience.

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