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UX/UI Design

Program Description

UX designers ensure the players get clear and effective feedback from the game. UI designers are concerned with the user interface; the point at which the game and the players interact. They create the look and feel of things like the heads-up display (HUD) showing the score, lives, and levels. UX designers tend to focus more on the information a player needs for the game to flow well. UI designers tend to focus on how that information is communicated. Students will pursue coursework in graphic design, computer science, psychology, and neuroscience; allowing them to pursue a multitude of career options in tech, art, product development, research, media, and communications.

Course Requirements


ENG 120 Expository Writing (English Composition 1)

ENG 220 Writing About Literature (English Composition 2)

PSY 102 Applications of Psychology in the Modern World (IS)

RUSS 293 Folklore: A Comparative Study (World Cultures & Global Issues)

HIS 3209 History of Technology (US History)

PSY 3407 Psychology of Visual Perception (SW)

ART 113 History of Graphic Design (Creative Expression)

MATH 101 Colleg Algebra [or higher] (Math)

Any Lab Science Course

Any Additional Flexible Core


SCI 31106 Game Design 1 (A)

SCI 31921 Games and Their History: Game Systems Analysis

SCI 31920  Intro to Game Programming

SCI 31923 Game Programming 2

HIM 210 Intro to Spreadsheets

COM 2404 Interpersonal Communication


ARTD. 2212 Design Thinking

ARTD 3812 Internet Art and Design

ARTD 3814 Artistic User Interaction / User Experience (UI/UX) Design

COMD 1162 Raster and Vector Graphics

COMD 1100 Graphic Design Principles I

COMD 1127 Type and Media

COMD 1200 Graphic Design Principles II

ART 2500 Human Centered Design  

ART 2600 Visual Design  ART 2700 Coding for Designers 

ENGL 2575 Technical Writing

ENG 3775 Advanced Technical Writing

ENG 3780 Planning and Testing User Documents

CISC. 1115 Intro to JAVA Programming

CISC. 3115 Intro Modern Prog Techniques

CISC. 3650 Human-Computer Interaction

PSY 215 Applied Statistics

PSY 253 Cognitive Psychology: Thinking, Knowing and Remembering

PSY 372 Neurochemistry of Learning and Motivation


Other PSYCH, COMD, Game SCI,  or CISC courses.

Featured Course Descriptions

ARTD 2212 Design Thinking

Human-centered, project-based studio course on design creation. Research techniques such as need-finding, user observation, and development of functional design requirements. Brainstorming and ideation strategies to explore solutions and develop prototypes. Methods for product testing and design iteration.

PSY 3407  Psychology of Visual Perception 

The physiological, psychophysical and cognitive perspectives that guide the contemporary understanding of human visual sensation and perception are explored. Students are provided with the opportunity to test various theoretical perspectives covered by using the experimental method. Topics covered include object perception, depth perception, motion perception, size perception and color perception. 

CISC 3650 Human-Computer Interaction

Overview of human-computer interfaces with an emphasis on classical and state-of-the-art approaches. Principles of human-computer interaction and human-robot interaction. Ubiquitous computing and interfaces for mobile devices. Interfaces employing speech recognition and computer vision. Sensor and robotic technologies. Computer supported cooperative work. Virtual and augmented realities.

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