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Happy Summer from EGD!

Written by: Andray Smith

Everyone at the EGD Collective hopes our readers, peers, collaborators, and students had a wonderful Pride Month! Some of you may have seen us at Samsung 837 as an exhibitor for the Pride School Festival!!! Xtreme 3. Thank you to Kyra, Huimin, Skye, and Sam for volunteering and representing the EGD.

If you see us at any events in the future please grab an EGD sticker! Help us continue to spread the word about what we do: building communities, equity, and leaders of character through games, providing a voice for students and creating an enriching space within our medium.

A big thanks to NYC Gaymers for having us and an equally big thanks to anyone that stopped by. We were able to showcase some of the amazing games created in the GSP program.

We’d also like to use this moment to ask for your support. This year, we’re looking to move into an office space while continuing to provide students with the opportunities they need. Your generosity today will change the lives of the thousands of students we serve across the US and Canada. Any donations are greatly appreciated and will help us achieve our goals for 2022.

If you’re interested in volunteering get in touch with us on Discord! We’re always looking for help when we table at events.


Please keep an eye on our socials to see what we’re doing next. Follow our Twitter and keep an eye on the EGD website.

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