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Opportunities: Associate Game Designer for Wizards Of the Coast

Written by Nicholas Uster




  • American game publisher. Owns brands like Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons

  • 600+ employees

  • Located right outside of Seattle, Washington


  • “Rule one: have fun.”

  • Community and collaboration

  • Inclusivity

Employee Feedback:

  • Rated 3.4/5 on Glassdoor and 3.8/5 on Indeed

Employee testimonials on the company website leave stellar reviews, but testimonials on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed are mixed. While reviews from current and past employees generally seem to praise the company, many also have genuine concerns. It seems that Wizards of the Coast has been a great company to work for due to their work-life balance, the fun and relaxed work environment, and the exciting projects employees work on. However, many testimonials report that the company is currently experiencing a shift in culture, especially due to management changes. Another voiced concern is the prevalence of multiple layoffs, especially around the holidays. Taking everything into account, the reviews trend towards the positive, and many seem to passionately enjoy their work for Wizards of the Coast.


  • Design elements of D&D products with mentorship from other designers

  • Collect and process playtest data to advise product development

  • Help review material for game balance, clarity, and consistency

Wizards of the Coast wants game designers with great communication skills, practical experience in writing and game design, and a passion for learning the production process. You’ll need an eye for detail, and the drive to strive for excellence. Keep in mind that you’ll have to be accustomed to hitting deadlines in a fast-paced environment.


For more information about the position, including scheduling and submission requirements, click here!


To stay updated on more amazing opportunities, check out the #opportunities channel in EGD’s Discord!

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