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Weekly Roundup

Written by: Logan Ghecea

Edited by: Mary Joaquin


Welcome back to the Weekly Gaming Round-Up!

Every week, we cover the latest in the gaming world. This week EA had a full plate of announcements ranging from new LPGA courses to a Dead Space remake!


On Monday, July 19, Apex Legends announced a new playable character.

The new character, Seer, will become officially playable on August 3—the same day Apex’s season 10 event releases. Seer’s abilities include a tracking function which he uses to hunt opposing players. Seer has a passive ability in which he can detect the presence of opposing players. Seer’s tactical ability allows him to send out “microdrones” which locate opposing players and can occasionally disable their passive abilities. Seer’s ultimate ability allows him to send out hundreds of microdrones in the form of a sphere which reveals the trails of enemies who are sprinting.

In other news, Electronic Arts (EA) revealed information about a new scouting feature in their upcoming Madden 22 simulation football game at their EA Play live Showcase.

The new feature will be a part of the Madden’s Franchise mode and will make scouting potential NFL caliber players more interactive and realistic whether its monitoring news on a particular player or having a high level scout attend a significant players game or holding training camps.

Madden 22 will be released on August 20th for all PlayStation and Microsoft consoles. The new scouting feature will be released with an update for the game sometime in September.

On Tuesday, July 20, Acid Nerve released Death’s Door, published by Devolver Digital.

Death’s Door is an action-adventure RPG game that revolves around a journey of a crow who spends his time reaping souls of the dead. One of his assigned souls is stolen; players must find the thief and reap the missing soul.

Death’s Door is playable on Microsoft platforms.

Cris Tales also got released for Playstation, Microsoft, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia consoles this day. The title is a new action adventure JRPG developed by Dreams Incorporated, SYCK and published by Modus games.

Cris Tales stars Crisbell who is an orphan from the kingdom of Crystallis. When a frog named Matias awakens the “time power” within her, she soon has to save the world and defeat the evil Time Empress.

On Wednesday, July 21, Pokemon Unite released for the Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS devices.

Pokemon Unite is developed by TiMi Studio Group and the Pokemon Company and was published by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company. It is a free-to-play online multiplayer battle arena style game.

Pokemon Unite takes place on Aeos Island (a new region in the Pokemon universe). The game involves intense 5-on-5 strategic battles in which players compete to knock out opposing Pokemon while trying to score the most points by putting a glowing ball through a hoop.

In other news, it was announced that the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) would be represented in a much more complete fashion in EA Sports’ PGA Tour game.

The representation will go beyond character choices with the addition of new LPGA courses including the iconic Amundi Evian Championship located at the Evian Resort Golf Club. The game will also include LPGA tournaments and challenges.

On Thursday, July 22, Variable State released Last Stop for Playstation, Microsoft and Nintendo Switch, published by Annapurna Interactive.

Last Stop is a single player supernatural narrative adventure indie game that stars around three characters in present day London. The three characters' journeys are all intertwined as they navigate a supernatural crisis.

In other news, it was announced that the original Dead Space game is getting a new remake for next gen consoles and PC. This was announced at the end of EA’s Play presentation. The new version will be made with the frostbite engine and will include an “improved story, characters, and gameplay mechanics”.

The iconic, award-winning Dead Space was originally released in 2008. In Dead Space, players become Isaac Clarke, a space engineer who is sent to repair the USG Ishimura but comes to find out the ship has been overtaken by aliens and must fight to survive.

On Friday, July 23, Orcs Must Die 3 released for the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4—developed and published by Robot Entertainment.

Orcs Must Die 3 is an adventure tower defense shooter in which the player’s main goal is to kill intruding orc creatures. The story mode of the game takes place twenty years after Orcs Must Die 2 starring all new apprentices.

The new game will also include new war scenarios, weapons and traps. The new “Gravity Well” allows players to pick up and slam orcs, while the “Saw Blade Launcher traps'' aid in slicing through hordes of orcs. Players can also rain magic down on enemy orcs with the new “Arcane Staff”, and confront armies of orcs outside their castle walls.

In other news, Skate City welcomed a new Tokyo level to commemorate skateboarding being added to the Olympics for the first time. The new level is available through Apple Arcade. The update will include famous Tokyo skate spots, new decks, clothing, music, new challenges and goals, and a new leaderboard.

Skate City is a 2.5D skateboarding game developed by Agens, Room8 and published by Snowman.


EGD’s Weekly Gaming Round-Up gives a quick look into the newest news in the games industry. From blockbuster triple-A games to indie startups and mods, the Weekly Gaming Round-Up covers it all.

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