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For the next generation of games industry professionals.

Transitional Program

For seniors, 2nd year masters students, and recent grads that found us a little too late, the transitional program is a year-long program that helps students fill in the gaps between what they studied in school and a career in games. Participants in the transitional program work alongside our Fellows in our studio or production to create games and esports experiences. These projects help students develop a portfolio of work and learn to create as a team. Students are able to show their work at conventions alongside professional developers, and run live events open to the public! 

Transitional program participants receive 1-on-1 career advising each semester from EGD staff, internship search and grad school application assistance, and portfolio reviews. Students also participate in professional development workshops, networking trips, and international game design competitions.

The transitional program is also a common route for students who are looking to enter a graduate program or competitive second bachelors degree program related to a different discipline than the one they studied in undergrad, to help build a portfolio for college applications.


This program is extremely unique, with three ways to participate:

  • Students local to NYC will join our in-person section of our program each week

  • Other cities or universities with enough program participants will work together in-person in their own section

  • Students who are not located near other program participants can participate entirely virtually.


Our program truly emulates the modern AAA company, with multiple studio locations and a hybrid work model. 

Professional development includes resume writing, portfolio development, LinkedIn help, interview preparation, project management, current industry news discussion, and lectures from visiting industry professionals. It also involves monthly networking trips and industry functions, all of which are free to attend! In the past, our students were able to meet John Gonzales (narrative director for Fallout: New Vegas, Horizon: Zero Dawn), attend the official launch party for Just Cause 4 and meet the team leads, tour NYXL's office, and receive free tickets to ESL ONE New York.

Participants also enjoy all of the benefits of our regular members, including access to our 100+ textbook library, 600+ game library, study groups and tutoring for relevant classes, discounts on software and industry event tickets, mental health and crisis support resources, and more.

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Game Studio Program

  • Game Systems & Level Design

  • Game Design & Entrepreneurship

  • Game Environment Art​

  • ​Game Character Art​

  • Game Concept Art

  • Game Animation

  • Game Music & Sound Design

  • Game Narrative

  • Game Programming

  • Game Studies

  • Game Production

  • Game Technical Art

  • Game UX/UI


  • Game Journalism

  • Media Law (Pre-Law)

  • Social Media & Community Management

Esports Management Program

  • Esports Business Management

  • Esports Marketing & Events

  • Graphic Design & Branding

  • Technical Event Production

  • Esports Education & Coaching

  • Esports Medicine (Pre-Med)


  • In your final year of your degree program OR a recent graduate (<2 years)

  • Active EGD Membership

  • 6 hours a week to dedicate to the program


Transitional Certificate:

  • Exploration materials submitted

  • 85% attendance rate

  • All networking activities completed 

  • Develop a post-program plan

  • Positive team reviews

  • Participation in a 5-Day overnight trip

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