#gamingthefuture one student at a time


#gamingthefuture one student at a time


The EGD Collective works to remove barriers in games communities and make the industry a more accessible academic and career opportunity for all.


The motivating force in the EGD Collective is respect. We promote respect for games as a medium, the people who make them, and the people who play them. It is the responsibility of the entire Collective to foster safe social interactions and uphold an environment that reflects fairness and mutual respect.

Diversity and Pluralism

The EGD Collective values inclusion and diversity as it makes us stronger and furthers games as an important medium in society. We work to advance diversity and pluralism in our Collective and in the communities in which we live.

Student-Professional Partnership

Industry professionals and gaming community leaders partner with students to guide and inspire growth and achievement. Volunteers are essential to the strength and capacity of our Collective.

Voice for Students

We are a voice for students and work to ensure that students have the opportunity to lead their own communities.

Open Membership

The EGD Collective is open to all individuals who accept the EGD Vision Statement, our Beliefs and Principles, and meet membership requirements.


Advocating publicly on issues that concern members and creating opportunities to empower our members are core elements of the EGD Collective.

Affordable Education

EGD members value learning and understand the benefits of a college degree. We have a firm belief that college should be for everyone, and work to make that a reality. We recognize the various circumstances that prevent individuals from pursuing higher education, and support those pursuing non-traditional educational paths.


We are active partners in a nation-wide Collective through our membership network. Collective members work with each other to address the needs of students, gamers, and games industry professionals.