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Voice for Students

We are a voice for students and work to ensure that students have the opportunity to lead their own communities.

We've struggled to get recognition from our administrations, meeting space, and funding for our events and equipment (We've even fished CRTs out of trash cans to use as monitors). We've struggled to retain students at a commuter school, or who are working multiple part-time jobs to make things meet, or might not have the support system at home to pursue their studies, let alone gaming. We've seen varsity esports programs take away the power from the students that founded their organizations. We know what it's like.

The National Collective Council ensures that students have a true say in the spaces meant for them. Students from across the country will gather to conduct the important business of the Collective using a democratic process that represents the voices of students, and to discuss/debate topics around the future direction of EGD. Student Voting Members are able to attend the business meeting and vote on proposals, amendments, and the Board of Directors. Written directly into our constitution, four-fifths of the council body is required to be current students.



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