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Creator Spotlight: Eli Villipart, Video Game Musician/Composer

Written by Nicholas Uster


Eli Villipart is an avid musician. He has created multiple video game soundtrack albums as well as lo-fi beats and other original music.


A passion for music has been a driving force in Eli’s life for as long as he can remember. You could always find him singing loudly to the tunes on the radio and jamming with friends. Eli has also cherished gaming since a young age, inspired by the soundtracks in his favorite games like Pokémon LeafGreen. Throughout middle and high school he participated in multiple musical groups that helped him to develop his unique sound. Combining his love for gaming and dedication to music led to him publishing multiple video game soundtrack albums.

Eli primarily cultivated his musical performance skills throughout his time in middle and high school, with the support of his experienced mentors Charles Megules and Doug Grotto. He is especially grateful to his older brother, who encouraged him to take so many musical electives and motivated him to work on his music. As far as composing music, Eli is self-taught. “GarageBand had caught my eye again for the millionth time. I decided to sit down and stay on GarageBand until something was made. A week’s time elapsed and the next thing I knew, my first album titled Welcome To My World was born.” Eli kept himself engaged in composing, refining his skills and developing new techniques with each project. He also continues to practice the guitar and ukulele.


Eli has published multiple video game soundtrack albums including beep boop blip blow and Welcome To My World, along with other original music like his most recent lo-fi hip-hop beat hi, nice to meet you.

One of Eli’s most meaningful projects was a song he created called thank you for playing again.

It is a victory theme for beating the game at the end of his video game soundtrack album Welcome To My World. “After uploading it and finishing the album completely, I’d felt a level of accomplishment that I hadn’t felt in awhile. It was an amazing feeling and one I will not forget for the rest of my life.”

Another interesting project that Eli worked on was the development of his lo-fi hip-hop beat hi, nice to meet you. “It was raining pretty decently one day, so I was inspired to compose a lo-fi beat. I recorded and cut the rain, then I moved onto the percussion which was just a simple hi-hat, snare, bass beat. After that I recorded the chords and melody which was all done on my ukulele. I also added in some percussion sounds that were all made by striking or sliding my pick on my ukulele.”

For Eli, the most difficult part of composing is creating a diverse sound. “Sometimes I feel like my songs sound too similar to one another, which can at times be a bit discouraging.” Eli commits himself to seeing every project through to completion. Once he starts a project he will never delete the project or start over until it is finalized. Eli explains that his projects have helped him to grow by strengthening his confidence in his work. “I was given a great amount of positive feedback with every new tune I’d release. It gave me the confidence and inspiration to keep making more music.”


Eli is currently on a hiatus from creating new music, but he plans to acquire new equipment and devote more of his free time to making fresh music. “I’ve been itching to get my nose to the grindstone and give the people who wanna hear my music something new to listen to.” He hopes to further develop his sound and make a name for himself in the music industry.

Eli advises that new musicians and composers should keep a positive mindset to excel. “Block out the anxiety, the insecurities, and the negativities that will block your way. Keeping your goal in front of you at all times is the best way I’ve found to accomplish mine. Even if it means staying up until you drop just to finish what you’ve started. Keep on pushing forward and get to the end.” Eli also encourages new artists to assuredly accept compliments. “Don’t be modest. accept it and let it give you confidence. Without the constant boost of morale from my family and friends alike, I never would’ve been able to release a single note’s worth of music.”


Check out more of Eli’s music and follow him using the links below!

Instagram: @elijahvillipart

Spotify: Elijah Hunter Villipart Elijah Hunter Villipart

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