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EGD Adventures: Tome Of Travelers

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Written by: Nicholas Uster


Welcome to EGD's Tome of Travelers! Below you will find 4 pre-made characters that you can utilize for any 5E adventure. You're at liberty to take them as is, or infuse some of your own creativity into their stories and personalities.

Each character is given a quick description including their name, race, class, and their backstory. Also included are 2 PDFs of their character sheet, one editable and one static.



Race: Kobold

Class: Phantom Rogue

Backstory: I was an average rogue, stealing things to make ends meet. I unknowingly stole a cursed ring from a necromancer, cursed to hold damned souls that could not pass on. The ring is unable to be removed without a wish spell. I can telepathically communicate with the souls in the ring. Sometimes I will strike deals with the spirits and do their bidding so they will shut up. Sometimes the line becomes blurred between me and the ghosts, and I find myself adapting their fears or worries.

Griot Character Sheet Editable PDF
Download PDF • 665KB
Griot Character Sheet Static PDF
Download PDF • 500KB


Race: Satyr

Class: Wild Magic Sorcerer

Backstory: I'm a jack of all trades but a master of none. I learned to blacksmith simple weapons and traveled the realm selling them to adventurers on the road. One night I accepted some tattoos as payment, but the scoundrel didn't properly clean the needle after working on a dragon born. Their draconic blood entered my veins, infusing me with magic I'm still learning to control. I channel my power through my tattoos (which change appearance to reflect his emotions and the spells he casts). I've always been a little full of myself, but now my unstable magic is what drives people away.

Tats Character Sheet Editable PDF
Download PDF • 662KB
Tats Character Sheet Static PDF
Download PDF • 497KB


Race: Firbolg

Class: Circle of The Stars Druid

Backstory: I come from a small settlement, on a journey to discover something larger than myself. A rock crashed into the center of my village one day, believed to have fallen from the heavens. Each night it gleamed with a cerulean light, and my tribe believes it was a blessed gift from the gods, leading us to a higher truth. We began to study the stars and constellations in hopes of understanding the mystical gift. Each child of my tribe is named after a constellation. I was named after Omus, The Raven. Each year, chips of the rock are shaved off and turned into ink, used to tattoo star maps onto young members of my tribe. The markings glow just like the sacred rock. Youth like me are sent out to search for divine secrets, mapping the stars as we travel. Legend tells that there are other chosen groups of Firbolg that carry on this divine pursuit.

Omus Character Sheet Editable PDF
Download PDF • 669KB
Omus Character Sheet Static PDF
Download PDF • 504KB


Race: Tiefling (winged)

Class: Rune Knight Fighter

Backstory: I am a wanderer with no real home or family. I became a treasure hunter, searching for anything of value that could secure my future or earn me power. There were rumors that a certain giant's cave harbored untold riches, so I made the journey to see it for myself. Upon narrowly escaping the giant's wrath, I stole some scrolls and items that were imbued with strange patterns/carvings. I found that items imbued with the carvings held great power, a secret of the giants. So I took up a skill in copying these patterns and carving them into items to imbue them with power, and I'm able to make a pretty penny. However, the knowledge is cursed, and many giants would kill me for what I know.

Kymos Character Sheet Editable PDF
Download PDF • 667KB
Kymos Character Sheet Static PDF
Download PDF • 501KB

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