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Monthly Wrap-Up: April

Updated: May 24, 2021

Written by: Mary Joaquin


Welcome to the Monthly Wrap-Up!

Every month, we recap the news covered in our Weekly Round-Up. Here’s what you might have missed this April:

April 1 - Analogue delayed shipments until October for their highly anticipated portable FPGA console due to “severe electrical component shortages".

April 2 - PlatinumGames kicked off its newly announced Neo-Classic Arcade series with vertical shoot-em-up Sol Cresta releasing on digital stores in 2021.

April 3 - CannibalInteractive’s “My Older Sister Left The Computer So I Got On & Found Myself Trying To Coordinate A Raid In A Game & I Don't Play MMO's” game gained extended availability after its developer found unexpected success following its April Fool’s day release. It had been part of the "Games that Shouldn't Be Games Jam 2021" and only been planned for a limited release window.

April 4 - Apex Legends will get more Titanfall content, following comments on Titanfall’s importance and appearance in Season 9 by Apex’s senior writer, Ashley Reed, and game director, Chad Grenier during their panel with BrownGirlGamerCode.


April 5 - The charming monochrome adventure platformer Save Me Mr Tako is returning to storefronts after it was delisted in 2020 when developer Christophe Galati parted ways with Publisher Nicalis.

April 6 - Despite prior rumors, the Entertainment Software Association announced that E3 2021 is a free digital event from June 12-15.

April 7 - Hashtag #BoycottGenshinImpact and, eventually, #DoBetterMihoyo both went trending on Twitter for days, criticizing the popular MMO for long-standing issues with the game.

April 8 - The US-based Muslim advocacy group, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), asked Sony, Microsoft, and Valve, to de-platform the controversial shooter Six Days in Fallujah.

April 9 - The follow-up to The World Ends With You is releasing on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch and on the Epic Games Store on July 27.

April 10 - PlayStation set its eyes on a more prominent mobile platform, looking to hire a Head of Mobile who would “own and develop the mobile games strategy for PlayStation Studios”.

April 11 - Days Gone 2’s future remains muddled—along with its co-op possibilities—as game director Jeff Ross neither confirms nor denies prior news about its unsuccessful pitch, but does confirm part of Sony Bend collaborating with Naughty Dog.


April 12 - Pokémon Go players faced consecutive seven-day bans, after initial bans. In some cases, users who claimed they did not even break Niantic’s anti-cheat policies, also got banned.

April 13 - Capcom released the investigation results of the ransomware attack and information theft it fell victim to last November.

April 14 - Steam’s Indian Harvest Festival began, celebrating and showcasing games from Indian developers and publishers until April 22.

April 15 - Code Coven is teaming up with the International Game Developers Association and Grant for the Web for its upcoming game accelerator program.

April 16 - After a rumor spread by Bloomberg Japan and sourced from