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Monthly Wrap-Up: July

Written by: Mary Joaquin


Welcome to the Monthly Wrap-Up!

Every month, we recap the news covered in our Weekly Round-Up. Here’s what you might have missed last July:

July 1 - Dreamscaper will be releasing earlier than planned—on Aug 5.

July 2 - All’s fair in food and war with the release of Foodtruck Arena on Switch and Steam.


July 3 - Solo developer Navi reached 20% funding in Kickstarter for his game, Man Without Organs.

July 4 - Hackers hacked to flag hacking featuring Apex Legends and Titanfall.

July 5 - Risk System will be released on Switch on July 15.

July 6 - Creepy Tale 2 will be creeping its way to Steam on July 16.

July 7 - Among Us will be venting into retail with collector’s editions.

July 8 - THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid will see its release on Steam first on July 22.

July 9 - Crown Trick will be released on Xbox One and PS4 on August 31.


July 10 - Visible Fish mod by shekurika made fishing in Stardew Valley a whole lot easier.

July 11 - Red Dead Redemption 2 went under a study and researchers found it enabled its players to identify real life animals better than non-players.

July 12 - Double Fine added a new mode to Psychonauts 2. Claire de Lune also released new gameplay footage.

July 13 - Only by Midnight Limited released Curved Space for Switch.

July 14 - The upcoming NBA 2K22 released multiple cover art images.

July 15 - Valve announced a new portable gaming PC console called Steam Deck.

July 16 - Nintendo released Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD for the Switch.


July 17 - XD Inc’s Finding Paradise found its home in mobile platforms with wonderful remasters and visual reworks.

July 18 - Eurogamer offered a sneak peek into Arvore’s YUKI, a “VR bullet-hell roguelike”.

July 19 - Apex Legends announced a new playable character.

July 20 - Acid Nerve released Death’s Door, published by Devolver Digital.

July 21 - Pokemon Unite released for the Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS devices.