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Monthly Wrap-Up: June

Written by: Mary Joaquin


Welcome to the Monthly Wrap-Up!

Every month, we recap the news covered in our Weekly Round-Up. Here’s what you might have missed this June:

June 1 - Ubisoft partnered with Zero Latency VR to launch Far Cry VR: Dive into Insanity.

June 2 - Techland Gamers & Goodies launched a community hub for the Dying Light games.

June 3 - Games for Change announced the finalists of its 18th annual Awards event.

June 4 - Panic released more information about their handheld Playdate.


June 5 - Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren and Triple Topping released Ynglet.

June 6 - Zakarya “XBlyzes” Hail ragequit during a Grandmasters Hearthstone tournament.

June 7 - Suncrash released new gameplay footage of Dream Engines: Nomad Cities.

June 8 - HitGrab partnered with SickKids for “The Clan Unites” initiative.

June 9 - Aiya Games launched the Kickstarter for Cyjin.

June 10 - King Arthur: Knight’s Tale got a new Early Access patch.

June 11 - Black Tabby Games released Episode 2 of Scarlet Hollow on Steam and Itch.


June 12 - Death’s Gambit: Afterlife will be coming to Nintendo Switch with new content.

June 13 - Lakeburg Legacies was announced for PC.

June 14 - Dejima Games announced Firegirl during Guerilla Collective.

June 15 - Ziggurat Interactive announced Bloodrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites for Summer 2021.

June 16 - Rogue Spirit will be coming to Steam Early Access on August 25.

June 17 - Stellaris: Console Edition got a fourth expansion pass.

June 18 - Adventure4Life Studios announced the Kickstarter campaign for Plot of the Druid.


June 19 - Double Fine senior producer Kevin Johnson took pride in Psychonauts 2’s “no crunch” development.

June 20 - Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, the game’s ambitious—and free—update will include one of the most famous movie pirates in pop culture.