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Opportunities: Metadata Entry, Video Games Esports TV Network Scheduling Intern

Written by Shania Kuo




  • Israeli-founded and has expanded globally. Has worked primarily with advertising traditional sports but is expanding into Esports as well.

  • 375 employees across 13 cities in 4 continents.


  • As fans of sports, culture, and technology, Minute Media emphasizes creating wonderful experiences for other fans.

  • Quick turnover from decision to delivery.

  • Open dialogue and transparency across teams and levels.

Employee Feedback:

  • Rated 3.9/5 on Glassdoor and 4.4/5 on Indeed.

Reviews on Indeed were positive with most reviews having been former interns. These reviews generally noted a positive and encouraging atmosphere with great opportunities to develop writing skills. Glassdoor reviewers were far more critical towards Minute Media. Employees noted the pay is not very high and internships were essentially unpaid given the low stipends. Hours are also very long with no clear break, and this is due to the company’s value of quantity over quality. According to one former employee, Minute Media is divisive, uncaring; overworked and underpaid their workers. Overall, interns generally have a better experience at Minute Media than full-time employees.


A Metadata Entry, Video Games Esports TV Network Scheduling Intern will:

  • Search for Esports shows and tournament highlights, and schedule them into Minute Media’s 24/7 linear channel.

  • Review the line-up to ensure it is relevant to the trends.

  • Create descriptions and categorize shows of different genres.

  • Create video packages for Video on Demand purposes.

Minute Media is open to hiring interns who want to learn more about the game industry. Interns will learn about the business aspects of television and Esports and TV channel workflow and scheduling software. Familiarity with Esports games and experience with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets is a plus.


For more information about the position, including scheduling and submission requirements, click here!


To stay updated on more amazing opportunities, check out the #opportunities channel in EGD’s Discord!

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