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Pre-Summer Series Excitement

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Written by Jeff Hanrahan and Nicholas Uster

Edited by Lovemore Nyaumwe


Ludicrous statements, a Cinderella story, and a back-to-back championship run, EGD’s game night this Monday was an energized event. June 15th saw EGD hosting another game night, this time with contestants battling it out in and Jackbox Games for random Steam Keys as prizes, and Twitch Bits for all those who participated.

The evening kicked off with, a game akin to Pictionary, where six players competed for a Steam Key. The first three rounds saw contestants “Lt Serge” and “Richard” duking it out for a chance at the prize. Remarkably, Richard managed to outwit enough players to end up on top, winning themselves a Steam Key in the process.

Finally, it was time for the evening’s main event to begin: Jackbox Games, the famously hilarious series of party games. The first game up was Survive the Internet, in which players try to twist one another’s words, creating ludicrous statements. Things began to heat up as the chat became electric. Survive the Internet turned out to be quite the Cinderella Story. After a commanding lead in the middle two rounds, and a four-way tie in round three, contestant “Zander” was heavily upset in the final round by Adam”. Adam climbed all the way from second-to-last to first, in a single round. For their valiant efforts, Adam walked away with a brand new game on Steam.

The audience then voted to play Guesspionage during the third round. In Guesspionage, players guess the percentage of people who answered yes or no to a specific survey question. The closer the player is to the correct percentage, the more points they gain. EGD itself was leading in the first two rounds, before being overtaken by Adam at the end of the third round. Adam, having channeled their inner jaguar, held on two more rounds for the kill, completing a back-to-back championship run in the process.

All in all, EGD’s Game Night was a resounding success, and EGD thanks those who came out to participate. If you are interested in the chance to compete in esports for a cash prize, this Friday, June 19th, EGD begins its Summer Series. At 7PM EDT, a Teamfight Tactics tournament will be held on our Discord server, with the winner receiving $20!


For updates on the Esports and Game Design Collective, as well as for news of all upcoming tournaments, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

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