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Statement Against Police Brutality and Racial Discrimination

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

A sign reading "No Justice No Peace" is held up high.
Demonstrators gather outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Colleagues and Friends,

It’s time to talk.

The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police is far from an isolated event, but the latest in a centuries-long pattern of racially-motivated violence, committed and enabled both by law enforcement and society at large. To frame this in the lens of “Why all this over one man?” is to ignore nearly 250 years of resistance and resilience in the face of despair:

It is to ignore the value of a human life extinguished by a single act of hatred.

We cannot look away. We cannot hide ourselves in apathy. This will never be an easy or comfortable subject to engage with, but that discomfort is an infinitely small cost in relation to the consequences of silence.

Here at the EGD Collective, our membership and leadership alike stem from all backgrounds and walks of life. We come together under the banner of inclusivity, of diversity, and of unity; these are not empty words to us, but values we live by and strive to encourage in others.

With that in mind, we urge you to take time and educate yourselves on the matters at hand.

Remember: Just as one act of hate is powerful enough to take someone’s life, one act of kindness is powerful enough to save it. Never underestimate your ability to make change. This movement does not end with justice for George Floyd- in fact, it does not end until every marginalized person can freely exist in this country, without fear of discrimination or death. It does not end until the violence enacted on communities of color is brought to an end, until the wounds from generation upon generation being subject to systematic oppression are allowed to finally heal.

Until then, we fight together for a better tomorrow.

Thank you for being here.

With Love and Respect,

The EGD Collective



For All Allies- What Can I Do?

Get informed. Get involved.

Some readings to consider and talk about:

Spark conversations with your friends and family. Join local activist groups, talk on social media.

Listen Up!

IGDA is hosting a virtual event titled “What Can You Do? A First Person Perspective”. It will focus on discussing the current situation, with a focus on concerns within the Black game development community, and on what steps to take in response to the issues at hand.

Be sure to tune in here this Thursday at 2pm EDT (11am PDT)!

Signal Boost!

These organizations have been working tirelessly to support the Black community, as well as those protesting against the injustices that continue to be committed.

Please spread the word, and donate if you can.

If you’re short on funds, this video shows you how to quickly get a donation stream up and running!

For White Allies:

Antiblackness is prevalent throughout nonblack communities, but can run especially deep and have far deadlier consequences when left unchecked among demographics in power. The foundation of America itself was built on white supremacy; unpacking the subconscious biases present and learning to recognize the privilege that gives you is a critical step in allyship.

For Affected Individuals:

We are here to support you. Nothing can erase the situation at hand and the pain it brings, but you are not alone in this fight.

Who Can I Talk To?

If you are a member of our organization, we can provide a direct line of emotional support and connection to local resources.

Resource Masterlists

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