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Weekly Gaming Round-Up

Written by: Mary Joaquin


Welcome back to the Weekly Gaming Round-Up!

This week, we've dialed down the puns but kept the fun. From futuristic to retro-tastic, there's plenty more fantastic re-imaginings games can keep on giving. Okay, maybe that's one too many rhymes.

Let's get right into it!


Want a new way to never trust your friends again? Assimilate! (A Party Game) rises to the challenge, with three days away from full release this Monday, Aug 23.

Coined as a “Codenames meets Among Us with a Jackbox interface” by a Twitch streamer, the game pits players against each other as Human, Robot, or Programmer. Much like Among Us, the Human must sniff out the Robot, who gets help from the Programmer to—like its namesake—assimilate.

Additionally, Assimilate! shares the fun with viewers by allowing up to 100 players to opt for “Observer Mode” and vote for players they suspect and even influence the match’s outcome.

Assimilate! releases on the 26th.

On Tuesday, Aug 24, Crusader Kings III conquered a new domain—or rather a new platform—as it comes to consoles for the first time.

Paradox Interactive teamed up with Lab42 to bring the CK3 adventure of epic proportions and possibilities to Xbox Series X, S, and PS5. From royal marriages to wars for glory, console monarchs get it all revamped with new features.

On the Xbox, players can switch between game and guide seamlessly while on the PS5, DualSense controllers bring the action to their very fingertips.

On Wednesday, Aug 25, the gaming world posed this: imagine a movie about a board game that came to life becoming a video game about the very same board game. Well, Jumanji: The Curse Returns, promises just that.

The co-op fun brings parties of four together for better or worse. Be it against AI or with friends, the challenges make players rely on each other if they hope to beat it. The game features the movie’s famous dangerous trials like wildlife, stampedes, and even Van Pelt the hunter to the digital world.

Jumanji will bring players to its world via PC on Sept 1 then Nintendo Switch later in the year.

On Thursday, Aug 26, DoubleMoose dared gamers to stand at the edge of a new world with its brinepunk shooter, Abyssus.

Players do not only become mercenaries but pioneers of unseen waterscapes inspired by the famous Atlantis. But what has been long been unseen no longer hides its fury. Fight against enemies from underwater and forge a new path with new and special abilities.

“We want to make a game that blends deep playstyle customization with intense FPS combat and the randomness of a roguelike that always keeps you on your toes,” said Armin Ibrisagic, founder of DoubleMoose.

Abyssus will be launching for PC in 2023.

On Friday, Aug 27, making the boring 9-5 workday a bit more exciting comes Redhill Games’ new FPS shooter, Nine to Five.

The game’s futuristic setting sees the world overrun by corporations, with players acting as mercenaries. Its 3v3 gameplay highlights teamwork in each “shift”/match and puts players’ gaming skills to the test each time.

Redhill Games also has a Discord server for its community, relying on feedback to improve the game before its full release. Nine to Five’s Early Access is free to play now and is expected some time in 2022.


EGD’s Weekly Gaming Round-Up gives a quick look into the newest news in the games industry. From blockbuster triple-A games to indie startups and mods, the Weekly Gaming Round-Up covers it all.

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