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Weekly Gaming Roundup

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Written by: Mary Joaquin


Welcome back to the Weekly Gaming Roundup!

Every week, we cover the latest in the gaming world. This week is chock-full of releases and kickstarting games to production! Well, that and an exciting charity initiative and a not-as-exciting ragequit.

Let's get right into it!

On Saturday, June 5, Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren and Triple Topping released Ynglet.

Ynglet is a side-scroller swimming game featuring hand-drawn art and a gameplay-reactive soundtrack. Players, as a jellyfish-like creature, create their own unique meditative experiences in the platform-less platformer game.

“I’m very fortunate that many people enjoyed my previous games like Knyt, Uurnog and Affordable Space Adventures,” said Nifflas, the game’s creative developer. “I really hope you will like this game too!”

The game is available on PC via Steam.

On Sunday, June 6, Zakarya “XBlyzes” Hail ragequit during a Grandmasters Hearthstone tournament.

According to PC Gamer, XBlyzes had been on a rough streak, facing accusations of win-trading on top of points missed from missing a match. These, paired with unsatisfactory draws in comparison to his opponent, Frenetic, seemed to deal the final blow.

Shortly after, he disconnected both his webcam and the game, later taking to Twitter to voice his disappointment.

"It's a brutal way to lose the series," said a commentator for the match, "But at the same time it's very cruel to Frenetic who has to sit and wait to get confirmation from the admin."

Suncrash released new gameplay footage of Dream Engines: Nomad Cities on Monday, June 7.

True to its name, the game allows players to relocate their city once resources are depleted or the enemy Dream Plague’s strength outmatches their own. Thrive and survive, with various modes of exploration in-between.

More videos will be released showing different aspects of the game. Dream Engines had also been a Best Game In Conference award winner at the Games Gathering 2020 “Indie Blast” competition.

The game will be available on Steam via Early Access.

On Tuesday, June 8, HitGrab partnered with SickKids for “The Clan Unites” initiative.

The week-long event themed “Hibernian Summer Games” after the developer’s Clan O’Conall world, will feature competitions with various prizes. It will also hold a “Foot Race”, also after an in-game reference to the big-footed Balor the Fomorian.

HitGrab will be matching pledges, of which 100% of event proceeds will go to the Centre for Brain & Mental Illness.

Aiya Games launched the Kickstarter for Cyjin on Wednesday, June 9.

The game is a platformer controlled via mouse—for everything. Twitches and clicks dictate the movement, direction, and jumps of the protagonist, a cyborg ninja on a journey of revenge. Put your reflexes to the test!

The Kickstarter promises exciting bonuses for high-tier backing such as having pets in-game and designing various parts of the game, from NPCs to a stage boss. Currently, Cyjin has reached 75% of its funding goal.

Demos are available on Steam and Itch.

On Thursday, June 10, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale got a new Early Access patch.

The update brings a full Act 1 of the story campaign, new missions, revamped maps, events, and new gameplay features. Due to the size of the patch, old saves will not work—Early Access players will need to start from scratch to experience the update in its entirety.

The game had previously been announced back in October along with a Kickstarter. It had reached its goal by November and released its Early Access version by late January.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will be available on PC via Steam, PS5, and Xbox One X and S, sometime this year.

Black Tabby Games released Episode 2 of Scarlet Hollow on Steam and Itch on Friday, June 11.

The game follows the protagonist’s experiences in the eponymous Scarlet Hollow town, after they arrive for the funeral of their estranged aunt. Players delve into the mystery within, cornered by choices that could spell the biggest changes.

Scarlet Hollow had reached its goal a day after its Kickstarter launch on October 1 and by the 29th, the project was fully funded. It now has Steam wishlist goals making bonuses available, from previews to goodies.

The game is currently only planned for a PC, Mac, and Linux release.


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