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Weekly Gaming Roundup

Written by: Mary Joaquin


Welcome back to the Weekly Gaming Round-Up!

Every week, we cover the latest in the gaming world. This week we have... Halloween in July! No, seriously. From a ghost-town apocalypses to fairy tale horrors, it's never to early to get your spook on with these announcements.

Let's get right into it!


On Saturday, July 3, solo developer Navi reached 20% funding in Kickstarter for his game, Man Without Organs.

The game dives into a ruined Hong Kong, where its hollow protagonist encounters the dead and the items they left behind. Players learn about the city’s pre-apocalyptic times through memories alone.

These very memories also contain clues to riddles that help form the game’s main story arc. The Man Without Organs steps into the shoes of certain characters when reliving memories. Though apart, there remains a way to be a part of the same journey.

Man Without Organs will first launch on Steam, with PS5 and Switch versions pending when its fund goals are reached.

On Sunday, July 4, hackers hacked to flag hacking featuring Apex Legends and Titanfall.

According to PC Gamer, accessing Apex Legends on PC bounced back to the URL “”, saying “Titanfall 1 is being attacked so is Apex”. It had left the game unplayable, forcing only one game mode accessible. It also leaves players a message to visit and repost the site after matches.

Respawn acted swiftly on the hack, assuring players that no personal information had been at risk.

Announced on Monday, July 5, Risk System will be released on Switch on July 15.

The shoot-em-up title aptly lives up to its title through its gameplay: get close to the enemy or take damage to deal damage. Players must calculate their moves well as taking excessive damage instead gets their ship destroyed.

Its protagonist, Alys, faces the highest risk with the highest reward: the survival of mankind. She pilots the RSK9 and is strangely immune from the control of energy parasites.

Survival is not an option—it is a must.

Announced on Tuesday, July 6, Creepy Tale 2 will be creeping its way to Steam on July 16.

Taking inspiration from Central European legends, the game puts players on a rescue mission: save Lars’ sister and the kingdom from dark forces. Play the fairy tale with both good and evil magical creatures and solve puzzles along the way.

Unravel the story with its narrative-driven gameplay, paired with decadent cartoonish art. Though the title is the second in its series, it is not a sequel to the first Creepy Tale.

Announced on Wednesday, July 7, Among Us will be venting into retail with collector’s editions.

The editions come in three variations of increasing perks and price: Crewmate, Impostor, and Ejected. All contain the base game of various platforms, exclusive DLC, a 3D Lenticular Case, a sticker sheet, a holographic access card, Skeld map poster, and a code for PC and mobile wallpapers.

The Impostor edition contains a lanyard, purple crewmate plush, and spinner pin. The Ejected edition contains all and an extra fleece blanket, and beanie.

All three editions will be launching later in the year.

Announced on Thursday, July 8, THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid will see its release on Steam first on July 22.

The first-person horror takes players to Gran Chaco with a story taking pages from myths and folklore. Play as a corrupt politician who faces an evil worse than himself: the eponymo